Persons Living with FTD Discuss Challenges of COVID-19

BBC article

As COVID-19 continues to constrain families to their homes throughout much of the world, BBC News highlights the profound impact the pandemic is having on people living with FTD and other forms of dementia.

The article shares the unique perspective of persons diagnosed, with multiple accounts of the challenges being faced by those with FTD, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. While some of those interviewed worry the current environment is causing their symptoms and mental health to worsen, others are concerned about the long-term impact of social isolation.

“People are isolated the moment they get diagnosed with dementia and going through lockdown, well it’s like being diagnosed all over again,” Teresa Davies, who has early onset Alzheimer’s, says in the article.

For Masood Qureshi (pictured above), who is 56 and living with FTD and Alzheimer’s, the inability to meet with his peer support group and other community members has been a challenge. Although he feels grateful for being able to isolate at home with his family, he expresses concern over the stress they are facing.

“In my peer support group we’d be able to talk about our deep feelings on how we’re coping and sometimes it’s difficult to do that with your family,” he told BBC. “And in the back of my mind I’m concerned how people are coping because we’re all dealing with this in different ways, with our own frustrations.”

Click here to read the article. If you or a loved one are facing the challenges of living with FTD during this time, visit AFTD’s website for further information and resources regarding COVID-19 and FTD.

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