Next Avenue Encourages Involving People with Dementia in Care Planning

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An article published by Next Avenue, a digital news platform launched by PBS, points to the importance of giving persons with early-stage dementia a voice in planning their future care.

Families often assume a loved one with dementia cannot or does not want to participate in care planning during the early stages of their diagnosis, but researchers at the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging in Cleveland suggest otherwise, the article says.

The researchers recommend involving people in the early stages of dementia who are able to participate and clearly state their preferences in care-planning discussions. In taking this proactive approach, families can empower their loved ones and make collaborative decisions that benefit both the person diagnosed and their caregivers.

“Without knowing what it is [the person with dementia] would have wanted, these decisions end up being made in crisis situations rather in a planful, supportive way that includes discussion and collaborative planning,” senior research analyst Silvia Orsulic-Jeras says in the article.

The article includes information and tips for discussing care planning with persons with dementia and aging adults. Click here to read it online.

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