Members of AFTD Community Featured on Caregiver Solutions Show to Raise FTD Awareness

Members of the AFTD community, including staff and a volunteer, were featured on the Caregiver Solutions Info Show to shed light on FTD and current awareness events.

Hosted by Marcia Teele, the show provides information, advice, and support related to caregiving and dementia. In an episode that aired Tuesday, AFTD Communications Manager Matt Ozga and Fundraising Coordinator Brittany Andrews shared information about FTD, and AFTD volunteer Dawn O’Gara described her own family’s journey with the disease.

The segment also included information about a series of awareness events, including World FTD Awareness Week, the #FTDhotshotchallenge, World FTD Marathon, and Food for Thought.

The show comes after a recent set of FTD awareness ads were featured in the New York Times on Sunday, highlighting the stories of families touched by FTD. The ads also introduced the #FTDhotshotchallenge, a community-driven, grassroots campaign using social media and hot sauce to raise awareness of FTD and raise funds to support AFTD’s mission. To learn more about the challenge and how to get involved, visit AFTD’s website.

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