Art and Multimedia

That’s Me. Written and produced by Sydney Grau
Developed by college students at Penn State, the Kith & Kin project showcases the stories of eight families. That’s Me is one of the eight stories, written and produced by student Sydney Grau, that captures the story of Nancy Palfey, age 52 and battling FTD. Watch the moving film, told from Nancy’s family’s perspective, here.

Dance in the Rain. Written, composed and performed by Philip Bimstein
Philip Bimstein, a musician who is also an associate instructor at the University of Utah, created Dance in the Rain as part of an interdisciplinary seminar class on dementia that was offered to undergraduate students at the university. The song was performed during the 2013 AFTD Education Conference.

Life after Diagnosis. Written, composed and performed by undergraduate students at the University of Utah
As part of an interdisciplinary class on dementia, students had the opportunity to attend an FTD support group. Meeting with a couple coping with the challenges of FTD inspired the song Life after Diagnosis, which was performed during the 2013 AFTD Education Conference.

Sensory Overload. Maxanne McCormick
Artist Maxanne McCormick, who lives with FTD, wrote that her painting Sensory Overload shows how she feels, “with too much stimulation from noise, crowds, activity, etc.”