Business Partnerships

If you have a business–small or large–and would like to donate a percentage of your profits to the AFTD, we’d be happy to work with you. Please read our Third-Party Fundraising Policy form, which describes the difference between a “business donation agreement” and a “fundraiser on behalf of the AFTD.”  If you’d like to start the process of creating a business donation agreement with the AFTD, please fill out the Events and Promotions Proposal form and return it to the AFTD.  If you have questions regarding third-party fundraising, please contact

Businesses Donating to AFTD

Jesiii on Etsy – Jesi Rodgers, whose mother is affected with FTD, has designed a high quality art print on wooden paper.  She will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sales to AFTD.  Her piece is entitled “Remember to Love” and features a playful elephant, hearts and flowers.

The Connecticut Frontotemporal Dementia Foundation – The Harvey family of Connecticut created a foundation to raise money for FTD research in memory of their father and husband, Kevin.  They are selling beads for charm bracelets with “Harvey’s Hugs” on them; 50% of their sales will benefit AFTD.

Bill’s Best BBQ – Bill’s Best BBQ, a company selling a homemade BBQ sauce created by Bill Fehon (now affected with FTD), will donate 10% of all sales to AFTD! It’s organic, sold on and at several other locations, and will soon be in Whole Foods!

Perfect “Jules” – Amber Dietz and Joy Clingner, sister and mother of Julie Dickmeyer Zerhusen who passed away from FTD at age 31 in 2009, have teamed up to make personalized accessories in memory of Julie.  They hand craft hair bows, onesies, bibs, baby blankets and burp cloths for little ones, as well as personalized aprons, tote bags and bridal accessories for adults.  A portion of their proceeds benefits AFTD.

Mom’s Laugh Project – Tori Tinsley’s mother was diagnosed with FTD in 2009. To honor her mother, Tori created the “Mom’s Laugh Project” where Tori creates full size paintings from pictures of her mother’s past, sells them, and donates part of the proceeds to AFTD. To date she has sold more than twenty of these preservation pieces.