Volunteer Recognition

“I am so thankful for everyone at AFTD and for all of the volunteers. It’s really remarkable when people come together to work towards bettering this world.” – Amy Eissler, AFTD Volunteer


Giving a Hand to our Helping Hands!

 Mark Allshouse

Mark Allshouse, facilitator of AFTD’s men’s caregiver phone support group, first learned about FTD and AFTD during a graduate school internship. Since becoming an AFTD volunteer in 2013, he has also been personally affected, losing a friend to FTD. Mark shared his volunteer experience as an AFTD support group facilitator with us recently:

Why did you want to volunteer as a support group facilitator?

FTD is such a devastating illness and so hard on the caregivers. If, as a facilitator, I can do anything to help them take care of themselves, then it’s worth doing. In my group, I try to create a safe and supportive place where caregivers can find answers, solve problems, share frustrations, talk through day-to-day experiences.

How has your experience been so far as a phone support group leader?

The guys in the group bring their unique experiences every month and share them with people they barely know. They discuss emotional pain and frustration, the satisfaction of solving a problem, the joy of a good day and a willingness to take time to listen and share their knowledge and experiences. Every single one of them amazes me with their ability to cope with one of the most devastating experiences anyone can ever have. And they find time to help others through the same experience. I feel privileged to be allowed to be part of the group.

What have you learned from the experience so far?

Facilitating a support group is a constant learning experience. I get great suggestions from the guys about how to run it better all the time. There can be, and I believe there is in our group, a sense of belonging and understanding that’s an important part of sustaining yourself as a successful caregiver.

What would you say to people considering volunteering with AFTD?

DO IT! There are just so many ways you can help out. Find what suits you best and get involved. I can’t imagine anything more rewarding.

AFTD”s Support Services Manager, Bridget Moran, added: “Mark’s insights have been invaluable to the men’s caregiver support group. I am so grateful to Mark and know those in his group are benefiting from his professional background, personal passion and deep commitment.”

There is space available for new members to join Mark’s group. If you are interested in learning more, contact Bridget Moran, AFTD’s Support Services Manager, at bmoran@theaftd.org.

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Recent Volunteers

AFTD is able to accomplish much more than otherwise possible as a result of our generous volunteers. To the volunteers across the country we say THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment as we work together towards care and a cure for FTD.

Middle Atlantic Region
Susan Miller-Abbott – Pennsylvania
Michelle Adams – Pennsylvania
Mark Allshouse – Pennsylvania
Sherry Amrhein – Pennsylvania
Sandy Anglin – New York
Carli Atkinson – New York
Sarah Beil – Virginia
Steve Bellwoar – Pennsylvania
Joan Braxton- Virginia
Patricia Buchanan – New Jersey
Helen-Ann Comstock – Pennsylvania
Nancy Cummings – New York
Joanna Dauber – Pennsylvania
Joan Davis – Maryland
Brenda Elkin – Pennsylvania
Danielle Sculley-Ellett – Pennsylvania
Corey Esannason – New York
Jamie Farid – Virginia
Joe Fischel – New York
Sylvia Gentry – Pennsylvania
Christine Groth – New York
Barbara Hala – New York
Rebecca Hixon – Pennsylvania
Hillary Horgan – Maryland
Gail Houseman – Pennsylvania
Sandy  Karger – Pennsylvania
Susan Laden – Washington D.C.
Patricia Lombreglia – New Jersey
Carol Lovett – Pennsylvania
Robin Mansfield – Maryland
Vicki Masciandaro – Pennsylvania
Chadbourne Marshall – Virginia
Kathy Mele – New York
Jennifer Morabito – Maryland
Maja Murphy – Pennsylvania
Angie Phelon – Virginia
Barbara Pickels – Virginia
Aryeh Portnoy – Maryland
Shanna Price – Virginia
Gary Radin – Pennsylvania
Geri Radin – Pennsylvania
Deanna Rice – Virginia
Cortney Walker-Rohr – Pennsylvania
Brian Rose – New York
Elaine Rose – Maryland
Popkin Shenian – Pennsylvania
Leah Strauss – New York
Eric Simon – Pennsylvania
Cathy Sperrick – New York
Kaitlyn Sphon – Maryland
Taylor Sphon – Maryland
Ellen Steinbart – Pennsylvania
Nan Swid – New York
Reller Thomas – Pennsylvania
Howie Tilkin – New York
Amy Vernon – Maryland
Stuart Waldman – New Jersey
Gretta Walter – Virginia
Sidney Williams – New Jersey
Russell Zomback – New York
Jody Zorn – New York

Southwest Region
Karine Adalian – California
Deanna Angello – California
Brent Blaes – California
Kristena Corbett – California
Rebecca Cordova – Colorado
Debbie Fenoglio – Colorado
Maggie Frey – Colorado
Howard Glick – Arizona
Larissa Haiker – California
Geri Hall – Arizona
Ariel Harden – California
Brittany Hatfield – California
Sue Hirsch – Nevada
Erin Hopper – Arizona
Cheryl Johnson – Arizona
Liz Johnston – California
Jan Keller – California
Jary Larsen – California
Andrea Maga – Colorado
Phillip Myers – California
Jerry Orland – California
David Pfeifer – Colorado
Lisa Radin – Nevada
Robbin Riddle – California
Kathy Ritchie – Arizona
Catherine Sharpsteen – Utah
Jill Shapira – California
Bonnie Shepherd – Utah
Lisa Tauchen – Nevada
Deborah Thelwell – Arizona
Missey Toomey – Colorado
Kelly Tyler – California
Kathy Urban – Colorado
Brandee Waite – California
Beth Walter – California
Terry Walter – California
Teresa Webb – Arizona
Colin Whitmarsh – California
John Whitmarsh – California
Teresa Zawicki – California

South Atlantic Region
Robin Albright – Florida
Laura Alvarico – North Carolina
Debbie Baumgartner – Alabama
Lucy Carter – Tennessee
Charles Elligson – North Carolina
Michelle Grant – North Carolina
Lisa Gwyther – North Carolina
Sharon Hall – Georgia
Matt Hatfield – Florida
Pam Hatfield – Florida
Leslie Johnson – Alabama
Rona Klein – North Carolina
Paul Lester – North Carolina
Sandra Lutz – Florida
Taunya Mann – North Carolina
Mary Revels – South Carolina
Mary Anne Upham – Florida
Rebekah Wilson – Tennessee
Kati Woodford – North Carolina

Midwest Region
Gail Andersen – Ohio
Deanna Baker – Illinois
Nick Basile – Illinois
Kayla Boehmer – Iowa
Vickie Bope – Ohio
Jen Braico – Wisconsin
Sandra Cournoyer – Minnesota
Deborah Dolan – Minnesota
Karen Duhig – Illinois
Maria Green – Iowa
Sandi Grow – Ohio
Margaret Haferman – Wisconsin
Katrina Hellman – Illinois
Vikki Indermuehle – Minnesota
Suzanne King – Ohio
Erika Kruchten – Illinois
Susan McEwan – Michigan
Jon Moretti – Michigan
Lisa Myers – Indiana
Deb Nash – Iowa
Jamie Ritzer-Mosier – Ohio
Lorene Schlie – Illinois
Barbara Sidders – Minnesota
George J. Sidoris – Ohio
Amy Totten – Indiana
Erin Walla – Michigan
Ken Weinlaeder – Iowa
Karen Wilson – Indiana
Ryan Windhorst – Illinois
Dave Wouters – Wisconsin

Northwest Region
Susan Butterfield – Washington
Lorrie Cox – Oregon
Mike Kipp – Washington
Joanne Linerud – Washington
Amy Eissler-Parker – Oregon
Marise Rowell – Montana

New England Region
Amy Almeida – Massachusetts
Chuck Anastasia – Rhode Island
Wendy Miller-Anello – Massachusetts
Dorian Bannister – Maine
Katie Brandt – Massachusetts
Diane Brody – Massachusetts
Rick Childs – Massachusetts
Lisa Donnellan – New Hampshire
Marc Filipkowski – Connecticut
Ed Fitzgerald – Connecticut
Esther Harvey – Connecticut
Brandt Henderson – Massachusetts
Jennifer Jedow – New Hampshire
Emily Levy – Massachusetts
Barbara Neufeld – Massachusetts
Kathleen Pondelli – Massachusetts
Doreen Putnam – Rhode Island
Lisa Roberts – Massachusetts
Meghan Roscoe – Connecticut
Alice Saunders – Massachusetts

South Central Region
Doris Booth – Texas
Scott Cain – Arkansas
Rachel Castellanos – Louisiana
Dick Colangelo – Texas
Dionne Coston – Texas
Jordan Daniels – Louisiana
Sarah DeLuca – Missouri
Susan Eissler – Texas
Stephen Fenoglio – Texas
Barbara Harty – Texas
Maya Henry – Texas
Zoy Kocian – Texas
Kacy Kunesh – Texas
Barbara Loewy – Texas
Stephanie McLain – Texas
Shana Nissen – Texas
Gary Peacock – Texas
Stacy Rathbone – Oklahoma
Tam Smith – Kansas
Susan Suchan – Oklahoma
Tiffany Turner – Oklahoma
Ruth Wilcox – Kansas
Christopher Yurkanan – Texas

International Volunteers
Laura-Doe Harris – United Kingdom
Mary McLeod – Canada