Current Opportunities

“When I was ten I learned and witnessed the importance of reaching out and initiating changes I wished to see in my community. I feel grateful to be able to help where I can, in order to get awareness out there about FTD and available resources.” — Colleen Seymour, AFTD Volunteer

AFTD has a variety of volunteer opportunities available:

Community Outreach/Awareness Table Settings Find opportunities and represent AFTD at community events, conferences, etc.
Meet and Greets Plan and facilitate an informal gathering to bring together the local FTD community
Facility Outreach Conduct awareness facility visits during the regular work day (training provided)
Media Coverage Initiate contact with radio stations and newspapers; participate in interviews for FTD and AFTD awareness (tips for attracting media attention provided)
Support Group Facilitator Face to Face Groups Organize and facilitate an FTD caregiver support group (professional experience not required)
Phone Groups Facilitate a phone FTD caregiver support group (professional experience not required)
Regional Coordinator
Provide guidance and support to volunteers in region; represent AFTD
Food for Thought Liaison Primary AFTD contact for hosts; stay up to date on status of events; connect AFTD and host when necessary
Fundraising Food for Thought
Plan and organize a fundraising event in local community during the campaign (Sept 24 – Oct 8, 2017)
With Love Campaign Create a fundraising page for this virtual campaign (Every February)
Runs/Walks Organize an AFTD team for an already established community walk/run event; if not a runner, assist at AFTD table on race day
Independent Events Plan and execute your own fundraiser
General Clerical Help
@ AFTD Office
Stuffing Envelopes,
Assembling Packets, etc.
Assist staff in the Radnor, PA office

To find out more, or to learn about specific volunteering opportunities in your area, contact your AFTD Regional Coordinator Volunteer.

Together, we will explore these and other projects to determine what best suits your skills, preferences and availability. You will be provided with guidance and support to ensure that you have a satisfying and rewarding experience that will meet your individual goals and make a positive impact on behalf of the FTD community.