Current Opportunities

“I recall reading a volunteer newsletter profile where the volunteer analyzed data from the AFTD Helpline. It helped inspire me to volunteer.” – David Driggers, AFTD Volunteer

Some of our current volunteer opportunities include:

  • Regional Coordinator: principal point of contact for volunteers across the region, coordinator for volunteer activities, and AFTD ambassador.
  • Support Group Facilitator: organize and lead a caregiver support group in your community.
  • Community Awareness Representative: represent AFTD at community events, health fairs, etc., by sharing AFTD materials at an information table.
  • Facility Outreach Volunteer: conduct outreach visits to residential facilities to provide FTD information and AFTD resources.
  • Phone Support Group Facilitator: lead a phone support group with language as the primary symptom.
  • Food for Thought Liaison: primary support person to hosts who are planning and organizing a Food for Thought event.

To find out more, email AFTD’s Volunteer Manager, Kerri Keane. Or for specific volunteering opportunities in your area, contact your AFTD Regional Coordinator Volunteer.

Together, we will explore these and other projects to determine what best suits your skills, preferences and availability. You will be provided with guidance and support to ensure that you have a satisfying and rewarding experience that will meet your individual goals and make a positive impact on behalf of the FTD community.