Volunteer Recognition

I am so thankful for everyone at AFTD and for all of the volunteers. It’s really remarkable when people come together to work towards bettering this world.” – Amy Eissler, AFTD Volunteer

AFTD Volunteers Kati Woodford and Marlene McKian

AFTD offers a “secret” young-adult Facebook group for people in their 20s and 30s who have a family member or loved one with FTD. AFTD Volunteer Kati Woodford has stepped down after administering the group for three years — we are so grateful for her hard work! In her place, Marlene McKian (left) is taking the reins.

We asked Katie to share with us about her experience volunteering this important support group for young adults — click here to read our interview with Kati and our introduction to Marlene.

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“Don’t be afraid to share your story. AFTD has so many resources to guide and help you. You can make a difference.”
— AFTD Volunteer Nanci Anderson

AFTD Thanks Our Volunteers!

AFTD is grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who have given their time and talents to AFTD.