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Part of me felt like there was no way I could make a difference because I’m just one person, but I got over that quickly. I know that many hands make light work, so we’re all needed, and that anything I did could potentially help AFTD and people dealing with FTD.” — Scott Cain, AFTD Volunteer

Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands!

When her mother-in-law Kelly was diagnosed last year with FTD, Colleen Seymour felt an overwhelming sense of grief and a loss of control.  She wondered, “What can I do?” With her mother-in-law living in another state, Colleen felt inspired to be a part of AFTD, to educate and reach out to her surrounding community. She has jumped right in, representing AFTD as a volunteer in a variety of roles and making a strong impact in Colorado. Colleen recently shared her experiences with our community. Read the full story here.

Join a network of volunteers throughout the US that is dedicated to making a difference in the world of the frontotemporal disorders. AFTD needs the time and talents of volunteers from across the country who appreciate the challenges people with FTD, their families and healthcare professionals face, and want to bring knowledge and understanding of FTD to the forefront. As a volunteer, you will engage with a community that shares your interest and passion.

Current Opportunities 

AFTD offers an array of volunteer opportunities to support the organization through awareness, fundraising, support, advocacy, research and education. Regional coordinator volunteers work hard to match volunteers with their specific interests to ensure a fulfilling and fun experience that is also making a valuable contribution to the FTD/AFTD community. Click on the heading above to see some of our current opportunities.

Contact Your Regional Coordinator Volunteer

Should you have questions or want to learn more about the volunteer program, please contact your regional coordinator volunteer. AFTD’s regional coordinators volunteer as representatives of AFTD in their region, and provide guidance and support to the volunteers. You can also contact Kerri Keane, Volunteer Manager, at 267-758-8652 / kkeane@theaftd.org. To obtain the contact information for your regional coordinator volunteer, click on the heading above.

Volunteer Form

If you are ready to take action to make a difference and join a growing team of volunteers, please take a moment to complete the electronic volunteer information form, email it to Kerri Keane at kkeane@theaftd.org and we will be in touch soon. You can also print the volunteer form, fill it in by hand and mail it to Kerri Keane at AFTD’s address on the form.

Thank you! It is through our volunteers that we are able to drive the mission and vision of the organization forward.

Volunteer Recognition 

AFTD is grateful for the many volunteers who have given their time and talents in various capacities over the past quarter to support our mission. To see a list of our fabulous volunteers who have recently worked on behalf of AFTD, click on the heading above.

Volunteer Orientation Schedule 

AFTD’s volunteer orientation is required in order to become a volunteer. After reviewing your volunteer form with your regional coordinator volunteer, choose an orientation date that works with your schedule. Click on the heading above to see the available dates and times.