$110,116 / 100,000


The #FTDhotshotchallenge is a community-driven, grassroots campaign using social media and hot sauce to raise awareness of FTD, and raise funds to drive AFTD’s work to end this disease.


Anywhere – it’s a virtual challenge! We need all hands on deck for this campaign, from communities around the world.


The campaign launches in late September during World FTD Awareness Week 2020! Stay tuned for details.


It’s a time when we all need to feel less alone. By joining together with FTD families whose lives have been touched by young dementia, you can bring support and hope – and help find a cure for a devastating disease. We can beat dementia – but it will take heroes. Participating is easy:


FILM yourself taking a shot of hot sauce
TAG 5 friends and challenge them
DONATE to theaftd.org


Donate to Drive AFTD’s Mission


Get Fired Up with the #FTDHotShotChallenge

Start Your Own Fundraising Campaign

Take your involvement in the #FTDhotshotchallenge to the next level by creating your own fundraiser and asking your family and friends to support AFTD’s mission through your page!


Top Fundraisers

To support a fundraiser or team – or start your own fundraising – click here to visit the #FTDhotshotchallenge fundraising platform.

Top Individuals

Jay & Di Thompson Hot Shots #8 $4,674
Susan Dunbar $3,056
Jay Strohm $1,403
Kacy Kunesh Hot Shots $1,360
Megan & Kim Bray $1,335

Top Teams

PDXhotsauceheroes $9,731
Team 12-16 $6,874
Mike’s Minions $4,761
Walter Family $3,960
Margaret’s Hot Shot Heroes $3,525


If you’re interested in being a Hot Shot Hero, kick it up a notch by igniting a community challenge and/or becoming a sponsor. Please click here for more details.



If you need more information about the FTD Hot Shot Challenge, please contact Amanda Dawson at [email protected] or by phone at (971) 401-9826.