Maine Family to Host AFTD Food for Thought Campaign, Raise FTD Awareness

Beal family

For the Beal family, AFTD’s Food for Thought campaign presents an opportunity to share their journey with FTD and raise awareness while (safely) enjoying food with friends and family.

A grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign focusing on food and FTD education, Food for Thought is held annually from the last week of September through the first week of October. During this time, which encompasses World FTD Awareness Week, people across the world host bake sales, restaurant benefit nights, happy hours and much more.

While slightly altered to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, families will continue to hold events this year. The Beals will be hosting an outdoor Food for Thought event in Boothbay Harbor on Sunday, complete with social distancing measures and the use of masks to ensure the safety of participants.

The family hopes the event will help others learn more about FTD and how it has impacted their father, Ted.

“We are a family impacted as my dear father was diagnosed three years ago after numerous visits to doctors over the 3-4 years prior,” Katherine Beal Haynes, who is an AFTD volunteer, dit le Wiscasset Newspaper.

“My dad loves food and Boothbay Harbor!” she added. “We thought it only fitting to share our story and help others learn more about the disease and help available.”

To learn more about AFTD’s Food for Thought campaign, Cliquez ici.

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