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Food for Thought 2020

septembre 27, 2020 - octobre 11, 2020


Food for Thought est une campagne de collecte de fonds et de sensibilisation axée sur l'alimentation et l'éducation FTD. Tenu de la dernière semaine de septembre à la première semaine d'octobre, FFT englobe la Semaine mondiale de sensibilisation à la FTD. Pendant ce temps, des gens du monde entier organisent des ventes de pâtisseries, des soirées-bénéfices au restaurant, des happy hours et bien plus encore.

This year, although the campaign will take place in circumstances dramatically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the people we serve need our work more than ever – and the central focus of our campaign is unchanged. With health and safety as top priorities, we encourage you as a first choice to host a virtual Food for Thought event or choose another creative alternative. In some communities, in accordance with local and state guidelines, it may be possible to host a small gathering, if your own comfort and sense of safety permit. By focusing on foodfun et connection, your event can help to bring others together – and inspire them to make a difference – during an isolating year.

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Take Time with Friends and Family. Take Action.


Début :
septembre 27, 2020
Fin :
octobre 11, 2020
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