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AFTD is Now on TikTok

AFTD has launched a new social media account on TikTok to help spread awareness of FTD online and get more people to #AskAboutFTD. 

@theaftd debuted on TikTok during World FTD Awareness Week with videos featuring AFTD Chief Executive Officer Susan L-J Dickinson and Director of Marketing and Communications PJ Lepp. In addition to other videos from AFTD staff, the account will feature clips from AFTD Educational Webinars, stories shared by members of our community, and more.  

Are you interested in sharing your own experiences with FTD on TikTok to help raise awareness? Here’s how you can get started: 

  • Hold your smart phone vertically and record yourself (or have a friend or family member record you) sharing the initial signs or symptoms that made you think it was time to #AskAboutFTD. Or you can share some of the steps that you took to get an FTD diagnosis. 10 minutes is the maximum limit for TikTok, but 1 minute or less is more ideal!  
  • Email your short video clip to In your email, make sure to include how you would like you would like to be named (Jane Doe, Jane D., J.D., etc), or if you would like to remain anonymous. We will take care of the title screen and captions for you! 
  • After receiving your contribution, we will contact you with an estimate of when you can expect to see your video on our account.
  • Once your video is posted, share it on your own social media profiles. Make sure to use the hashtags #AskAboutFTD, #AskMeAboutFTD, and #DiagnoseFTD! 

In addition to following @theaftd on TikTok, be sure to also follow TikTok influencer and AFTD Brand Ambassador @nicolepetrie.  

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