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On May 13th and 14th, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET each day, AFTD will convene its 2021 Education Conference online. People and families affected by FTD will find help, support, and opportunities to connect. Researchers and experts will offer information and guidance through interactive presentations. Health professionals will find information and strategies they can use to better serve families.

Every year, AFTD brings together people and families navigating the FTD journey — as well as researchers and health professionals — to learn about the latest in FTD research, and to learn new strategies for care, management, and support. Our conference offers a chance to connect with others who understand — and share hope for a future free of FTD.

For the health and safety of all, this year’s conference will be broadcast online. It is free to attend.

The April 9th early registration with optional conference materials, including materials for the interactive closing sessions, is now closed. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you!


Featured Speakers


Tia Powell, MD

Director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Bioethics, Dr. Powell is a leading psychiatrist, bioethicist, and author of Dementia Reimagined, who will speak to a need to transform the culture of dementia care, for the benefit of people with dementia, their care partners, and their families.


Chiadi Onyike, MD, MHS

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Director of the FTD and Young-Onset Dementias Program at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Onyike will share vital perspective on what is known about FTD across cultures, and the need for continued research and additional understanding in this area.


Adam Staffaroni, PhD

Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology, Memory and Aging Center at the University of California San Francisco. An investigator with the ALLFTD longitudinal studies, he is also leading two studies of remote data collection in FTD, and will provide an update on current major FTD research initiatives.



Elizabeth Finger, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University. Her research focuses on understanding decision-making, emotion, and social behavior in FTD. She will speak to emerging clinical trials for pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in FTD.

Conference Highlights
  • Peter Pressman, MD, of the University of Colorado, will present an introduction to the FTD disorders, available on demand before the conference.
  • Julie Robillard, PhD, will speak about how e-health and assistive technology can play a growing role in dementia care.
  • Lauren Massimo, PhD, Jennifer Pilcher, PhD, Katie Brandt, MM, Mary O’Hara, LCSW and Maya Henry, PhD will speak to critical aspects of bvFTD and PPA care.
  • Nikolaus McFarland, MD, PhD, and Janet Edmunson will speak about FTD movement disorders and approaches to care.
  • Interact live with presenters via Q&A, chat, and join other opportunities to participate.


Time Thursday, May 13th
12:00 PM Welcome
12:05 PM Transforming the Culture of Dementia Care
Tia Powell, MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
12:30 PM Our Voice: A Discussion with People with FTD 
AFTD Persons with FTD Advisory Council
1:15 PM Breakout Sessions
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2:00 PM Update on Major FTD Research Initiatives
Adam Staffaroni, PhD, University of California San Francisco
2:45 PM Emerging FTD Clinical Trials
Elizabeth Finger, MD, Western University
3:15 PM Dementia Care: The Role of E-Health and Assistive Technology
Julie Robillard, PhD, University of British Columbia
3:45 PM Interactive Day 1 Closing Session
Kat Primeau, AFTD Volunteer

Time Friday, May 14th
12:00 PM Welcome
12:05 PM Cultural Perspectives in FTD
Chiadi Onyike, MD, Johns Hopkins University
12:30 PM Building a Care Team in Your Community
Allison Lindauer, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Maya Lichtenstein, MD, Geisinger Medical Center
1:15 PM Breakout Sessions
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2:00 PM Apathy in FTD
Lauren Massimo, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
2:45 PM Advocating for Comprehensive FTD Supports
Jennifer Pilcher, PhD, Clear Guidance
Katie Brandt, MM, Massachusetts General Hospital
3:15 PM AFTD 2020 Highlights
Susan L-J Dickinson, MSGC, CEO,  AFTD
3:30 PM Interactive Day 2 Closing Session
Kat Primeau, AFTD Volunteer



Thursday, May 13th, 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

  • Redefining Resilience: A Caregiver’s Journey
    Mary O’Hara, LCSW
  • How Do People with a Diagnosis Get Engaged with Each Other and AFTD?
    AFTD Persons with FTD Advisory Council
  • Making a Difference: Volunteer Networking Session
    AFTD Staff
  • Understanding the FTD Movement Disorders and Practical Approaches to Care
    Nikolaus McFarland, MD, PhD, University of Florida
    Janet Edmunson, former FTD caregiver


Friday, May 14th, 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

  • Primary Progressive Aphasia and Its Effects on Language
    Maya Henry, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
  • Advocating for Care and What I Wish I Knew
    Jennifer Pilcher, PhD, Clear Guidance
  • Supporting FTD Care When You’re Not the Primary Caregiver: A Roundtable Discussion
    Jen Hoar, facilitator
    AFTD staff and FTD caregivers
  • It’s FTD: Navigating the Emotions of a Diagnosis
    Mary O’Hara, LCSW



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