Department of Defense to Offer Funding for FTD Research


It likely comes as no surprise that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) funds medical research on
combat-related conditions affecting servicemen and women. Less well known, however, is that the DoD also supports research more broadly through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP). Established in 1992, the CDMRP is allocated funds annually by members of the House or Senate in response to requests from persons diagnosed, their families, and disease advocates.

Programs and projects falling under the CDMRP umbrella include the Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP), so called because applications are evaluated by a peer review panel consisting of scientists with expertise in a specific topic area as well as consumer advocates who represent the perspective of patients and caregivers.

Each year, the topic areas targeted for funding through the PRMRP are identified by Congress, and the money allocated – $330 million for 2018 – is divided among all of that year’s topic areas. Thanks to supporters on the Hill, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, FTD was designated one of the 52 PRMRP
topic areas for 2018.

AFTD worked directly with DoD program staff to identify priorities for FTD-related applications to the 2018 PRMRP awards, known as “areas of encouragement.” These areas include research to develop laboratory and animal models, increase understanding of the neural basis for behavioral symptoms, identify FTD biomarkers, improve diagnosis, pinpoint risk factors for FTD, and develop symptomatic

In addition, AFTD was invited to recommend experts in FTD research and members of the AFTD community to serve as scientific and consumer reviewers. For more information about the PRMRP,
including funding opportunities, visit the CDMRP website at


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