AFTD Volunteer Discusses FTD Journey on Delaware Radio Station

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An AFTD volunteer discusses her family’s journey with FTD in an interview aired on the Delaware-based radio station WGMD during World FTD Awareness Week.

In a conversation with WGMD’s Radio Free Delmarva host Duke Brooks, Gene Thornton details her husband Don’s road to an FTD diagnosis, including challenges she faced as his symptoms progressed and her ongoing efforts to raise awareness. The interview concludes with a brief mention of AFTD and some of the services it offers to those impacted by FTD.

A retired US Army officer, Don (oben abgebildet) is now a resident of the Delaware Veterans Home. Gene shares her family’s story every year to commemorate World FTD Awareness Week. In 2018, she wrote an op-ed for the Delaware State News.

Du kannst Klick hier to listen to the interview, courtesy of WGMD.

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