Shares Very Rev. Tracey Lind’s FTD Journey

Tracey Lind, Emily Ingalls, Susan, Don Newhouse

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind shares advice on living and coping with a form of FTD in a article that highlights the advocacy efforts of her and her wife, Emily Ingalls.

Rev. Lind was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia in 2016 and has since spent her time traveling the world with Ingalls to share their message of coping with dementia. Rev. Lind was the dean of Cleveland’s Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for nearly two decades before she decided to step down in light of her diagnosis.

The article details the couple’s journey with dementia as they learn to cope with the changes and remain focused on the present. The article also links to a sermon Lind and Ingalls presented in October at the Rocky River Church in Ohio titled, “The Spirituality of Dementia from the Inside-Out and Upside-Down.”

Lind was the keynote speaker at AFTD’s 2018 Annual Education Conference, and in the same year spoke to her personal journey at AFTD’s annual Hope Rising Benefit. She was also featured in a 60 Minutes segment on FTD that was originally broadcast this past May.

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