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The BBC will air a documentary about former rugby player Rob Burrow, who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease

BBC to Air Documentary on Former Rugby Player with Motor Neuron Disease 

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is set to air a documentary that highlights the experiences of a…

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FDA Announcement on ALS Drug

FDA Announcement on ALS Drug Reflects Growing Hope for Treatments

The FDA’s recent approval of a new drug to treat ALS signals important and promising developments for…

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AFTD Ambassador Jerry Horn shared facts about FTD and his own personal experiences with it on Facebook Live

AFTD Ambassador Shares FTD Information, Experiences on Facebook Live 

AFTD Ambassador Jerry Horn recently took part in a Facebook Live event hosted by the E.A. Roberts…

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Karate ace Liam Blaney shared his experiences with his recent motor neuron disease diagnosis

Karate Black Belt Shares His Experiences with Motor Neuron Disease 

A karate ace in the UK shared his experiences of wanting to help people and stay active…

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An article shares how dementia care is made more difficult for members of the LGBTQIA+ community by systemic problems

Finding Inclusive Dementia Care Remains a Challenge for LGBTQIA+ Community 

An article published by Xtra Magazine illustrated the difficulties that members of the LGBTQIA+ community experience when…

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Panelists at the International Dementia Conference called for increased funding and training for specialized dementia care

At International Dementia Conference, Panelists Call for More Funding and Training for Specialized Dementia Care 

Panelists at the International Dementia Conference in Sydney called for increased funding and training to address the need…

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A care partner recently shared how a cultural disconnect makes dementia care harder for people in the AAPI community

Care Partner Shares How Cultural Disconnect Makes Dementia Care Harder for AAPI Community 

A recent article in Northwest Asian Weekly highlights how a disconnection between care infrastructure and culture can…

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An advocate recently shared his lived experience with the difficulties facing people in the LGBTQIA+ community with FTD and other forms of dementia

Advocate Talks About Experience with Isolation and FTD in the LGBTQIA+ Community  

Dementia advocate Patrick Ettenes recently shared his experience with FTD with the Times of Malta, and underscored…

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AFTD ambassador Deb Scharper highlights how difficult getting an FTD diagnosis can be

AFTD Ambassador Highlights Difficulties in Getting an FTD Diagnosis 

AFTD Ambassador Deb Scharper shared the difficulties that she faced trying to get an accurate FTD diagnosis…

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An editorial emphasized the benefits of telemedicine for treating people with dementia

Editorial Emphasizes Benefits of Telehealth for People with Dementia 

An editorial recently published in The Hill emphasized the benefits of telehealth care for people with FTD,…

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