Article on FTD Featured in U.S. News & World Report


U.S. News & World Report brought attention to FTD with a broad overview of the disease, including quotes from AFTD CEO Susan L-J Dickinson, published on April 18.

In the article, Dickinson is quoted speaking about FTD’s symptoms and how they differ from those of Alzheimer’s, the difficulties in getting an FTD diagnosis, and the likelihood that current estimates of the number of FTD cases in the U.S. (around 50,000-60,000) represent an undercount.

“Getting an accurate diagnosis of FTD depends on having access to health professionals who have experience diagnosing it,” Dickinson says in the article. “Because getting an accurate diagnosis takes 3.6 years on average, a significant number of Americans are likely never accurately diagnosed with FTD.”

The article, by staff writer Ruben Castaneda, also quotes a number of other FTD experts, including Dr. Nupur Ghoshal of Washington University. Last year, Dr. Ghoshal presented an AFTD Educational Webinar on behavioral variant FTD.

Read the full article on the website of U.S. News & World Report.

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