Amid COVID, Philadelphia Chef Turns to Father, Who Has FTD


When Philadelphia chef Rich Landau was forced to close his restaurants amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, he turned to his ailing father, who has corticobasal syndrome, to help boost his spirits.

The Inquirer shares how Landau, who had to halt both his restaurant operations and weekly visits to his father, figured out a new way to visit despite the ongoing circumstances. After some coordination, Landau and his siblings recently gathered outside their father’s retirement home to see and talk to him through a glass wall along the side of the building.

Despite the difficulties posed by the current situation, Landau recalls some valuable advice his father once passed down to him: “Watch the clock and know that every time the second hand ticks, you’re one step closer to the day everything will be back to normal. You need to do what you need to get by during this stretch, and we’ll get there.”

You can read the full article here. To find information and resources regarding COVID-19 and FTD, visit AFTD’s website.

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