AFTD Volunteer Featured in Recent Episode of The Alzheimer’s Podcast

Deborah Dolan on Alzheimer's Podcast

AFTD volunteer Deborah Dolan was recently interviewed by the Dementia Sherpa, Christy Turner, on The Alzheimer’s Podcast. Throughout the episode, Christy and Deborah endeavor to raise awareness of frontotemporal degeneration, while bringing it out of the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease.

Deborah, a retired geriatric care manager, shares the story of her husband Todd’s journey with bvFTD. In doing so she attempts to demystify FTD, shedding light on the unique experience of the disease – from the challenges of getting a correct and timely diagnosis, to the symptoms of FTD that are not typically associated with dementia. She also offers advice and insight for FTD care partners, reminding them that as they care for their loved one they must remain equally devoted to maintaining their own dignity and well-being.

During their conversation, Deborah acknowledges the critical role that AFTD has played in her journey – supporting and sustaining her throughout her husband’s illness and providing an outlet for her advocacy efforts following his death.

Visit Christy’s website, The Dementia Sherpa, to listen to Deborah’s interview and access additional FTD resources, provided in the show notes.

Christy will co-present a breakout session at the 2019 AFTD Education Conference in Los Angeles entitled “The Doctor Thinks It’s FTD. Now What?” She will join Marianne Sanders of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center to help people facing new diagnosis to better understand FTD and start planning for care.

The 2019 AFTD Education Conference will take place May 3. Click here for more information and to register.

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