AFTD Support Group Leader Profiled in Illinois Newspaper

Katrina Hellman and her husband, Darren, who has FTD, were the subjects of an article published in the Pantagraph on April 7. Darren, just 51 years old, began showing symptoms of FTD as early as 2010; he frequently forgets words, ignores social cues and no longer understands humor. Dr. Tom Ala, Darren’s neurologist, points out that FTD is “not a new disease but people are becoming more aware of it.” Dr. Ala adds that Darren’s case seems atypically mild, and that “he has many good years ahead of him.” Katrina is the leader of an AFTD-affiliated support group that meets monthly in Tremont, Illinois. Read the full article on the Pantagraph website.

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