AFTD News: Fall 2021, Vol. 18, Issue 3


In this issue: AFTD Publishes Landmark Report to Bring Federal Attention to FTD; New AFTD Resource Offers Guidance on FTD Genetics; Spotlight on…Dr. Joseph C. Marquez, AFTD Board of Directors; AFTD Expands HelpLine and FTD Content Accessibility; Diagnostics Accelerator Grant and FTD Insights Fellowship Awarded; All In for the Next Family; “Global Conversation” Highlights World FTD Awareness Week 2021; Those We Honor… Those We Remember; #FTDhotshotchallenge; Why Volunteer with AFTD?; Food for Thought 2021; Driving Hope; and the AFTD-Team.

LINK: AFTD News Fall 2021

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