AFTD Launches New Volunteer Program

2019 AFTD Conference

AFTD’s volunteers devote themselves to bringing help and hope to families facing FTD all across the country. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has donated their time and talents to educate, inform and empower our community with FTD support and information.

In order to make this experience more streamlined and more impactful for our volunteers, AFTD has recently taken steps toward restructuring our volunteer program. Our new-look volunteer program launched in early November.

With change comes new beginnings. AFTD recently brought aboard two full-time Volunteer Coordinator staff members, Annamarie Given and Jeni Cardosi. They will be the primary first point of contact for volunteers, working to develop strong connections with each of them. Annamarie and Jeni will ensure that every AFTD volunteer is matched with an activity that meets their interest and maximizes their talents. They both have strong backgrounds working remotely, managing many people simultaneously, and an appreciation for volunteerism, having been volunteers themselves in a variety of roles.

As a result of this new structure, AFTD’s volunteer leadership has been redefined. The Regional Coordinator Volunteer position has been phased out, and Ambassadors will represent AFTD’s volunteer leadership moving forward. Ambassadors will work to build connections at the community level within a specifically defined geographic area. Within those areas, Ambassadors will identify opportunities to establish and maintain a visible presence, representing our community by speaking publicly about FTD, conducting outreach, and networking with local health providers and other resources.

Over the past 10 years, AFTD has been fortunate to work and collaborate with 30 dedicated Regional Coordinator Volunteers — some of whom are pictured above. AFTD Volunteer Manager Kerri Keane shared, “AFTD is a stronger organization with a growing volunteer program thanks to the leadership of the Regional Coordinators, who managed our volunteers across the country, established professional relationships locally, and, most recently, shared insight and perspective during the development of our new program structure. They have each represented AFTD with grace, professionalism and a true passion for AFTD’s mission.” AFTD would like to thank all 30 Regional Coordinators for their volunteer leadership and service.

AFTD is excited about the launch of the new volunteer program. “AFTD volunteers bring such dedication and heart, and we want to build on the momentum and success of our volunteer program to expand its scope and impact to deepen our reach and have a stronger local presence,” AFTD CEO Susan L-J Dickinson said. “I see the restructuring of our volunteer program as mission-critical.”

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