About the PSA

new PSA released by the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) in partnership with Discovery, Inc. highlights the challenges faced by care partners in the wake of an FTD diagnosis, as well as the ways the organization can help provide information, comfort and support to those in need.

The PSA features firsthand testimonials from three individuals whose lives have been touched by FTD. Katie Brandt became a care partner to her husband, Michael, after he was diagnosed at age 29. Olivia Goldring’s mother, Rachel, received her diagnosis at age 45 and died eight years later. Daniel (Danny) Hedaya was 16 when he learned that his father, Harold, had FTD.

All three describe the social, behavioral and linguistic changes that accompanied their loved ones’ experiences. They also describe how AFTD helped them find hope in the face of the condition’s many challenges, by promoting support system for patients, care partners and their families. “We don’t have a cure for FTD today, but we do have a cure for the isolation that comes along with an FTD diagnosis,” says Katie.

Today, Katie, Olivia and Danny all maintain active roles with AFTD. Katie leads an AFTD–affiliated support group in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Olivia advocates for awareness and speaks about her family’s FTD journey. Danny serves on AFTD’s Board of Directors.

For more information on this PSA – including for opportunities to broadcast or share it with others – please contact AFTD’s Development & Communications Director by email at BFreeman@theaftd.org or by phone at 267.758.8647. Click here to read a press release about the PSA.

AFTD is grateful for the support of Discovery and the involvement of all who have shared their stories with us.