Partners in FTD Care

Partners in FTD Care is an education initiative of the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration that brings together health professionals, experts and families to promote understanding of FTD and to develop best practices in community care.

The Partners in FTD Care initiative has three elements:

  • Introductory Education Materials
  • Quarterly e-newsletters featuring case studies in FTD
  • An online forum just for professionals

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Partners in FTD Care Training Packet

AFTD’s introductory educational materials include tools and guides to use with a staff group or adapt to your own training approach.

  • AFTD’s powerful film, It Is What It Is – shows four families affected by FTD and the challenges that patients and caregivers face. DVD comes with 12 page information booklet, and NEW discussion questions in staff and leader’s version for trainers.
  • Three Clinical Case Studies – developed by experts to highlight different presentations of FTD and interventions; includes discussion questions for participants and leader’s version.

Case Study #1 – PPA
Case Study #2 – Apathy
Case Study #3 – bvFTD

Individuals documents can be downloaded from the links in the above titles. Order the full packet of materials with the DVD on-line or through the Partners in FTD Care print order form.

Quarterly Newsletters

The Partners in FTD Care quarterly e-newsletter presents a new case study each time that highlights symptoms or care challenges in frontotemporal degeneration.  Each issue includes a case based on one of the subtypes of FTD, discussion questions and suggested interventions.

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Online Forum

Join the Partners in FTD Care Yahoo! Group to share questions, interventions and success with other health care professionals who serve people with FTD. This is a moderated, members-only forum for discussion among peers. Find information and collaboration with experts to improve your understanding and effectiveness in FTD care.

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