Sharing our Stories

Tremendous value resides in the first-person accounts of patients, caregivers and other family members confronting FTD.  Not only can their writing provide insight into the clinical course of the disease, but personal stories also offer catharsis, validation and connection.  They teach us ways to convert tragedy into purpose and inspire hope.  We’re grateful for their generous expression.


From our Families

In these short pieces, family members introduce us to patients and to their personal situations, giving us glimpses of the magnitude of their struggles and losses, as well as the power of love.  


From those with FTD

Brief first-person accounts from patients diagnosed with FTD allow us rare insights into the transition away from health.  We appreciate this special access, and the catalyst these perspectives serve for support.


Published Accounts, Books & Tributes

A wealth of information and experience resides in this collection of books about FTD and related issues.  Some are self-published accounts, some are tributes; all are stimulating case studies and worthy resources.



If you would like to share your writing with AFTD, please contact us by email or at 866-507-7222.