Legal & Financial Planning

When a person is diagnosed with frontotemporal degeneration or another progressive brain disorder, it is important to revisit legal and financial matters. Early planning can maximize the participation of the person diagnosed and help to ease future decision-making.

The information on these pages is intended to provide individuals and caregivers with an introduction to concepts that are helpful when making important legal and financial decisions. However, it is not intended to provide legal or financial advice about your situation.  If you need legal or financial advice, please refer to the section entitled Further Resources, which contains contact information for professional associations that can help you locate professional advisers in your area.  A professional adviser can help you apply these general concepts to your individual situation.

Securing the advice of a professional adviser is also important because these topics can become quite complicated and may differ from state to state.  An example of where the advice of a professional adviser can be particularly helpful is in distinguishing among the various tests of mental capacity used to determine eligibility for disability benefits, execution of contracts and powers of attorney, execution of wills, appointment of a guardian, involuntary commitment to a mental institution, and other situations.