Support & Resources

Upon receiving a diagnosis of FTD, individuals and families often enter a world of new and confusing medical, social, legal and financial systems. They may have some experience assisting an elderly or ill parent, but the typically earlier onset of FTD can mean additional challenges.

It can seem overwhelming to care for someone with FTD.  In addition to managing daily needs, there are new terms to learn, acronyms to decipher – PPA, TDP-43, FTLD- and services to find.  Roles within a family often shift and people may not feel at all prepared for the tasks they face.

You need not travel this road alone.  Accessing reliable information and compassionate support can help you to feel confident as a caregiver.  These pages will point you toward some of the people and places that can provide what you need.  Be persistent, be creative, and be proud of all that you accomplish.