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AFTD Economic Burden Study

FTD is a rare (defined as <200,000 diagnosed in the US) and typically young onset form of dementia that encompasses progressive degenerative changes in behavior, personality, language, cognitive skills and motor function. The FTD disorders include behavioral variant FTD, primary progressive aphasia, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal syndrome and FTD-ALS. Accurate diagnosis may take more than 3 years from the time symptoms first appear; disease progression is rapid and fatal; and persons affected live an average of 6-10 years after symptom onset.

FTD typically affects families when the patient is at the peak of his/her earning potential and career path. Many patients lose their jobs because of FTD symptoms, and spouses become part- or full-time caregivers. A significant number of families have school age children residing at home, while others have young adult children providing caregiver support. Families are faced with high costs due to lost productivity, job loss, and direct and indirect medical and non-medical expenses. Although there is published literature on caregiver burden in FTD, to our knowledge, the economic burden of FTD has not been established.

An FTD Economic Burden Study will help inform policy makers, research funders and health professionals about the major cost drivers of FTD, as well as demonstrate the financial impact of the disease on families and on public programs. Moreover, it will make evident the necessity of allocating resources to effective and efficient treatment options for FTD where none now exist.

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Deadline for Submission of Applications: Friday, March 27, 2015
Grant Term Start Date: Friday, May 1, 2015
Seeking competitive proposals under a maximum cap of $90,000 (direct costs only)


AFTD Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The AFTD Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is designed to foster basic, translational, clinical and/or epidemiological FTD research by an outstanding scientist at an early stage of his or her career. Applicants must have a PhD, MD or MD/PhD and be engaged in research at an academic institution, teaching hospital or research institute in their first, second or third year of postdoctoral training at the start of the fellowship term. The AFTD will award a two-year fellowship at $ 55,000 per year. The funds are provided to cover the postdoctoral stipend and benefits. Remaining funds may be used for travel to scientific meetings and/or research expenses.

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Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 14, 2014