AFTD Research Initiatives

Stimulating, funding, and promoting research into the causes and treatments for frontotemporal degeneration is one of the most important roles of the Association. Since 2005, when AFTD’s first research grants were awarded, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of scientists who seek funding for their research programs as well as a significant rise in the quality of the research proposals that AFTD receives each year.

AFTD remains dedicated to raising funds for research programs that will improve the quality of care for those affected with the disease as well as for programs that move science toward finding the causes, treatments, and ultimately cure, for FTD.

Current Request for Proposals

Details on active AFTD sponsored RFPs and how to apply for grant funding are available here.

FTD Treatment Study Group (FTSG)

A description of the FTSG, its initiatives and committee members.

Drug Discovery Partnership

Learn about our efforts to promote the development of therapeutics for FTD, including a complete listing of the past recipients of AFTD / ADDF drug discovery grants.

Grants Funded

A history of the recipients of AFTD sponsored grants in basic and clinical research.

AFTD Conducting Research

The Association engages in original research in areas that are considered critical to advancing our mission.

AFTD Stimulating Research

AFTD devotes significant resources to advocating for research funding and bringing scientists together to facilitate communication. Our goal is to achieve the most efficient and speedy advance of knowledge on the FTDs.

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