AFTD Print Newsletter

AFTD newsletter issues, currently published three times each year, are archived here with a brief listing of key articles within each issue. We hope this will help you to find articles of interest and follow developments in the fight against FTD.

Fall 2017: Vol 14, Issue 3

In this issue: Announcing the David Geffen Fund at AFTD; AFTD Study Shows Economic Burden of FTD; Money Well Spent: AFTD Pilot Grants; AFTD Nominee Joins Dementia Advisory Council; Columbia Trial on Behavioral Symptoms in FTD; FTSG Conference to Be Held March 2018; New AFTD Regional Coordinator Volunteer; Choose to Be a Source of Help and Hope; World FTD Awareness Week Rallies Community; FTD Biomarkers Initiative Holds First Investigators Meeting; Donations Honor Loved Ones; AFTD Holds Second Annual Hope Rising Benefit in NYC; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands!; AFTD Meet & Greets: Reaching Communities Across the Country; Food for Thought; and AFTD-Team.

Summer 2017: Vol 14, Issue 2

In this issue: AFTD’s 2017 Education Conference: Hundreds Gather to Learn and Connect; AFTD-Team Races Show a Community Gaining Momentum; Spotlight on Brian Rose; New AFTD Educational Webinar; AFTD Sponsors Dementia Action Alliance Conference; FTD Disorders Registry Continues Its Momentum; Bring Connection, Help and Hope to Others Affected; AFTD Pilots New “Quality of Life” Grants for Persons Diagnosed; AFTD Staff and Board Members Visit Capitol Hill; AFTD Hires Its First CFO; Second Hope Rising Benefit to Be Held This October; Donations Honor Loved Ones; Fostering Community Impact at AFTD’s 2017 Volunteer Summit; Persons Diagnosed Connect Through AFTD’s 2017 Education Conference; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands!; and AFTD-Team.

Spring 2017: Vol 14, Issue 1

In this issue: AFTD Announces $2 Million in FTD Biomarkers Initiative Awards; FTD Disorders Registry: Your Perspectives Advance the Science; Spotlight on Daniel Hedaya; AFTD 2017 Postdoctoral Fellowships; Awareness in Albany; AFTD Webinar Series; Taking Care of Mom; AFTD Scientific Director Presents to National Alzheimer’s Advisory Council; AFTD Announces 2016 Basic Science and Clinical Research Pilot Grant Recipients; Donations Honor Loved Ones; AFTD Regional Coordinator Volunteers: Leading the Pack!; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands!; and AFTD-Team.

Fall 2016: Vol 13, Issue 3

In this issue: Understanding the Social and Economic Impact of FTD; AFTD Pilot Grant Recipient Makes Headlines with Web-based Speech Language Therapy; Spotlight on Matt Hatfield; A Community for All Facing an FTD Journey; Benefit Brings Hope to the FTD Community; FTD Clinical Trials: Gaining Ground as Participation Mounts; AFTD Expresses Gratitude for Gifts, which fund research, education and support; Second World FTD Awareness Week Brings Global Collaboration; Save the Date: 2017 AFTD Education Conference; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands; AFTD Meet and Greets Connect Local Communities; Highlights from Food for Thought 2016; and AFTD-Team.

Summer 2016: Vol 13, Issue 2

In this issue: TreatFTD: $10 Million to Jumpstart FTD Clinical Trials; Celebrating a Community of Support; Spotlight on Rick Childs; Consider a Planned Gift to AFTD; Natural History Studies Provide a Roadmap for FTD Drug Development; AFTD Expresses Gratitude for Gifts, which fund research, education and support; 2016 Education Conference: A Day to Remember; Pre-Conference Dinner for Persons Diagnosed: A Time to Connect; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands; AFTD’s 3rd Annual Volunteer Leadership Summit; Food for Thought 2016; and AFTD-Team.

Spring 2016: Vol 13, Issue 1

In this issue: FTD Disorders Registry: The Future of FTD Research; FTD Research Momentum Showcased in National Meetings; Spotlight on Stephen Fenoglio; A Recipe for Hope; AFTD Welcomes New Staff; AFTD Announces Recipients of 2015 Pilot Grants for Basic and Clinical Research; 2015 Drug Discovery Awards: Top Proposals Focus on Advancing FTD Diagnosis and Treatment; AFTD Expresses Gratitude for Gifts, which fund research, education and support; Think Tank Offers Vital Perspective in AFTD’s Word; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands; A New Friendship, and New Avenues of Support; and AFTD-Team.

Fall 2015: Vol 12, Issue 3

In this issue: Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation Supports $5.75M AFTD Biomarkers Initiative; AFTD Rolls Out Support Groups Initiative; Spotlight on Sue Laden; Save the Date: 2016 AFTD Education Conference; Ten Countries Make their Voices Heard During First World FTD Awareness Week; Preparations Underway for FTD Economic Burden Study; AFTD Expresses Gratitude for Gifts, which fund research, education and support; NAPA Adds Expert on Related Dementias to Advisory Council; AFTD Welcomes Research Manager, Debra Niehoff; Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands; Food for Thought Volunteer Liaisons: Key to a Successful Campaign; and AFTD-Team.

Summer 2015: Vol 12, Issue 2

In this issue: Clinical Trials Foster Hope in the Fight Against FTD; FTD Awareness Week Goes Global; Spotlight on Paul Lester; National Foundation Awards a Multi-Year Grant to AFTD; AFTD Staff Expanding to Meet Strategic Goals; Two AFTD Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded for 2015-2017; Documenting the Economic Burden of FTD; AFTD Expresses Gratitude for Gifts, which fund research, education and support; Highlights From AFTD’s 2015 Education Conference; Giving a Hand to our Helping Hands; and AFTD-Team.

Spring 2015: Vol 12, Issue 1

In this issue: AFTD Unveils 2015-18 Strategic Plan; AFTD’s HelpLine Offers Vital Information, Resources, and Support; Spotlight on Kathy Mele; AFTD Welcomes its First Director of Development & Communications; 2015 Drug Discovery Awards (Charlotte Teunissen, Ph.D. and Matthew Disney, Ph.D.); FTD Impact Survey; AFTD’s Facility Outreach Volunteer Project; Giving a Hand to our Helping Hands; and the AFTD-Team.

Fall 2014: Vol 11, Issue 3

In this issue: NIH Awards $30 Million for FTD Research; 2nd Annual Food for Thought Campaign;  Spotlight on Gail Andersen;  Join Us in San Diego in April for 2015 AFTD Education Conference; 9th International Conference on FTD Brings Together Researchers, Clinicians, Caregivers; Pilot Grants Awarded for Basic Science (Dr. Thomas Kukar) and the New Susan Marcus Memorial Pilot Grant in Clinical Research (Dr. Jennifer Yokoyama); Give a Hand to Our Helping Hands; AFTD Advocates for FTD with NAPA; New: Young Adult Facebook Group; and the AFTD-Team.

Summer 2014: Vol 11, Issue 2

In this issue: FTD Included for First Time in NAPA’s National Priorities, Celebrate 2014 FTD Awareness Week, FTD Announces First Named Fund;  Spotlight on Steve Bellwoar,  9th International Conference on FTD, FTD Research Made Easy to Understand, FTD Research and Drug Development Analysis, People with FTD:  From Isolation to Inspiration, Regional Coordinator Volunteers, Give a Hand to Our Helping Hands, the AFTD-Team.

Spring 2014: Vol 11, Issue 1

In this issue: AFTD Kids and Teens: Our Children Are Not Alone, AFTD Receives $1 Million Gift, Spotlight on John Whitmarsh, White Plains Conference Recap, Dr. Marsel Mesulam Awarded the Potamkin Prize, Research Opportunities, 2014 Drug Discovery Awards, Volunteer Leadership Summit, Give a Hand to Our Helping Hands, With Love Recap, Food for Thought 2014 and The AFTD-Team.

Fall 2013: Vol 10, Issue 3

In this issue: AFTD’s Food for Thought Campaign Spreads Awareness Across the United States and Canada, Advocate for FTD in Your State, Spotlight on Deanna Angello, AFTD Awards Pilot Grant to Dr. Emily Rogalski, Your Pharmacist: An Important Member of the Care Team, FTD Symptom or Pain: How Can You Tell?, Giving a Hand to Volunteers, AFTD’s “With Love” Campaign 2014 and The AFTD-Team.

Summer 2013: Vol 10, Issue 2

In this issue: FTD Segment Airs on NBC Nightly News, National Alzheimer’s Project Act: Advocating for Research & Services to Benefit FTD, Spotlight on Debbie Fenoglio, Salt Lake City Conference Recap, New AFTD Board Chair, Full-Time Scientific Director Hired, Food for Thought Campaign, Respite and Respite Grants, What to Do About Roaming, Giving a Hand to Volunteers, Awareness: If You Tell Your Story, They Will Listen and The AFTD-Team.

Spring 2013: Vol 10, Issue 1 

In this issue: AFTD’s Education Conference and Annual Meeting Heads to Salt Lake City, Olivia Golding: Honoring a Mother’s Memory, Spotlight on Bonnie Shepherd, AFTD Fellowship Award, Drug Discovery Awards, Educating Professionals, Newly Diagnosed Booklet, Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands, Awareness: Food for Thought, Advocacy: Rare Disease Day in Washington, DC and The AFTD-Team.

Fall 2012: Vol 9, Issue 3

In this issue: Care & Cure Event: A Decade of Dedication, 8th International FTD Conference Recap, Spotlight on Popkin Shenian, New AFTD Staff Positions, AFTD Co-Hosts Scientific Symposium with ALS Association, Thoughts on Care & Cure Event from Elaine Rose, A New Resource on FTD Genetics, AFTD Volunteer Program Launched, Advocacy: Taking it to the Hill to Meet Our Families’ Needs and The AFTD-Team.

Summer 2012: Vol 9, Issue 2

In this issue: FTD Meeting Builds Momentum in Drug Development, FTD and Everest: Conquering Mountains, Spotlight on Jary Larsen, Care & Cure Event, Atlanta Conference Recap, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Joanne Douglas and PPA, What About the Kids?, Awareness and The AFTD-Team.

Spring 2012: Vol 9, Issue 1

In this issue: The Evolving Landscape of FTD, AFTD Education Conference & Annual Meeting, Spotlight on Linda Nee, Published Study Identifies Obstacles to Brain Donation, Drug Discovery Grantees Named, Columbia University Hosts CME Course on FTD, Somebody to Lean On: Diversifying Ways to Connect, AFTD’s HelpLine: Getting Answers to FTD Questions, AFTD Resources Help Families as the Vanguard of FTD Education, Bill’s Best BBQ Sauce, Advocacy: Meetings on the Hill and The AFTD-Team.

Fall 2011: Vol 8, Issue 3

In this issue: Researchers Discover Gene Mutation on Chromosome 9 That Causes FTD and ALS, The AFTD Team: A toolkit and support for grassroots special forces, Spotlight on Earl Comstock, Congratulations to Dr. Seeley, Partners in Care, New Scientific Director, 2011 Pilot Grant Award, Adult Children as Caregivers, FTD Patient: Howard Glick, Brandon Cline: Biking Across America and The AFTD-Team.

Summer 2011: Vol 8, Issue 2

In this issue: AFTD Annual Meeting and Conference Brings Caregivers Together in Boston, FTD: The Next Frontier, Spotlight on Bryan Dalesandro, A Valuable Partnership: FTD Drug Discovery Enters Year 5, AFTD Welcomes New Members to Board of Directors, TDP-43 Mouse Model, AFTD Awards Postdoctoral Fellowship to Alexandra Nicholson, Ph.D, AFTD to Join iPSC Consortium, When Parents Become Caregivers of Adult Children, New Initiative Provided Training to Care Facilities, Carol Maglich: Navigating the Stormy Sea of FTD and Tell 10 People Events.

Spring 2011: Vol 8, Issue 1

In this issue: AFTD Adopts New Name, Current Advances in FTD Researsh, Spotlight on Emily Levy, Grants Awarded for FTD Biomarkers, AFTD Annual Meeting June 10 in Boston, Dennis Dickson to Receive Prestigous Potamkin Prize, AFTD Meets Danis Challenge, Summary of On-line Patient Survey, Rachel Hadas – How Hard Times and “The Snow Queen” Gave One Caregiver Strength, AFTD Film Released, Sylvia Mackey Joins NFL Game Plan and Tell 10 People Events.

Fall 2010: Vol 7, Issue 3

In this issue: 7th International Conference Convenes Leaders in FTD, Task Force Identifies Needs of Families with Children, Spotlight on Sylvia Mackey, AFTD Pilot Grant Awarded to Yale, Phase 2 Clinical Trial Completed at UCSF, 2010 Survey of Medical Centers, Patient Survey, Regional Coordinators Gather in Indiana, ‘It Is What It Is’ Filmmaker Joseph Becker on Documenting FTD, Comedy Central’s Nicole Savini Asks ‘What’s So Funny?’ – Caregiving with a Smile, Awareness and Tell 10 People Events.

Summer 2010: Vol 7, Issue 2

In this issue: AFTD Founder Completes Term as Chair, International Conference Set for October, AFTD Welcomes New Members to Board and MAC, Program Named for AFTD Founder, Danis Family Challenge – Help Fund Biomarker Research, Year Three FTD Drug Discovery Awards, AFTD Task Force on Families with Children, Hospice – A Refuge for FTD Patients and Families, Onatario – Collaboration at Baycrest Benefits Patients with FTD, Awareness, Tell 10 People Events

Spring 2010: Vol 7, Issue 1

In this issue:  Miami Meeting Spurs Path to FTD Drug Trials, AFTD’s Strategic Plan Charts Course for Future, FUS Protein Identification Clarifies FTD Pathology, AFTD Introduces Program Coordinator, FRONTIER Australia, Creating a Haven for FTD Patients Requires Family Involvement.

Fall 2009: Vol 6, Issue 3

In this issue: NIH Funds Large Scale Study for Brain Imaging, AFTD Builds Caregiver Support Group Network , Morgan Family AFTD/ADDF Award for TDP-43 Research, 2009 AFTD Research Grant awarded,  this year’s Caregiver Conferences, Recent awareness activities and Tell 10 People Events.

Summer 2009: Vol 6, Issue 2

In this issue: AFTD’s Annual Meeting Showcases Year in Review, New Members of Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Council, NY Medical Centers Form Consortium, Caregiver Respite Grants, Strategic Analysis Being Conducted to Impact Fundraising and Research.

Spring 2009: Vol 6, Issue 1

In this issue: 2009 Drug Discovery Awards announced, Medical Advisory Council Update- The importance of biomarkers, Advocacy update, New AFTD Respite Grants, Fundraiser success stories.

Fall 2008; Volume 5, Issue 3

In this issue: Social Security Compassionate Allowances Program, 6th International FTD Conference, 2008 Research Grant Awards, Laden Research Fellowship, UCSF Art Program.

Summer 2008; Volume 5, Issue 2

In this issue: Grassroots Network, AFTD’s First Public Annual Meeting, Advocacy Efforts in Canada, Research Landscape Analysis Begins.

Spring 2008; Volume 5, Issue 1

In this issue: First Drug Discovery Grants Awarded, Second AFTD Research Grant Awarded, Family Fundraisers Raise Hope.

Fall 2007; Volume 4, Issue 3 and 2007 Annual Appeal

In this issue: Launch of the Tell 10 People Campaign, Medical Advisory Council Update – Overview of Key Research, Caregiver Tips: Brain Games, 2007 Research Grant announcement.

Summer 2007; Volume 4, Issue 2

In this issue: AFTD Funds Drug Discovery, Caregiver Conference Report, Importance of Brain Donation, Family Advocacy Efforts Honor Brother.

Spring 2007; Volume 4, Issue 1

In this issue: Miami Meeting of FTD Researchers, Report on 2006 Grant, Potamkin Prize Winners, Children’s FTD Support Group, Creating Personal Health Records.

Fall 2006; Volume 3, Issue 2 and 2006 Annual Appeal

In this issue: 5th International FTD Conference, PGRN Gene Found, AFTD’s 2006 Research Grant Awarded, Early Onset Dementia Report, Driving with Dementia.

Spring 2006; Volume 3, Issue 1

In this issue: Upcoming International Conference in San Francisco, AFTD Hires Executive Director, New Diagnostic Tools, Communicating with Your Physician.

Fall 2005; Volume 2, Issue 2 and 2005 Annual Appeal

In this issue: Caregiver Conference a Big Success, AFTD Awards First Research Grant, Untangling Tau.

Spring 2005; Volume 2, Issue 1

In this issue: AFTD Board Expands, Upcoming Caregiver Conference, AFTD Opens First Office, Caregiver Survey Results.

Fall 2004; Volume 1, Issue 2

In this issue: 9th International Alzheimer’s Conference Includes FTD Meeting, AFTD Medical Advisory Council Convenes, Critical Role of Tau.

Spring 2004; Volume I, Issue1 (Caregiver Survey)

In this Issue: AFTD Founded, Medical Advisory Council Chair Sets Goals, 4th International FTD Conference, Caregiver Survey Enclosed, AFTD Website Expands.