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NewlyDxcoverThe Doctor Thinks it’s FTD. Now What? A Guide for Managing a New Diagnosis
This publication from AFTD helps individuals and families take a strategic approach to facing a       diagnosis of FTD and become better prepared for the changes it brings.



WhatAbouttheKids CoverWhat About the Kids? Information for Parents with Young Children and Teens
This is a sensitive and practical guide for parents to help their children deal with a parent or            grandparent who has FTD. Written by the AFTD Task Force on Families with Children, the                booklet compiles guidance from FTD experts, children’s bereavement counselors and affected      families.


Genetics Book Cover 2012 Understanding the Genetics of FTD
AFTD and the University of Pennsylvania Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research                  partnered to publish this booklet with information on the genetics of FTD, the role of genetic            counseling and answers to common questions about genetic testing.


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