2009-2005 Conferences

2009 Conferences

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn.  – July 10, 2009: In this, Penn’s 3rd bi-annual Caregiver Conference, experts in the field of FTD addressed medical causes and treatments as well as management of patient needs ,and legal and financial issues.  Sylvia Mackey, wife of noted former football player with features of FTD, was the keynote speaker.

Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois  –  August 10, 2009: Tiffany Chow, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, University of Toronto, was the featured keynote speaker during this second annual FTD and PPA Caregiver and Professional Education Conference.  Sandra Weintraub, Ph.D. presented information on current research at Northwestern’s CNADC.  The day also included facilitated education and support sessions.  Conference information is available through the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine website here.

Boston Caregiver Conference, Boston, Massachusetts – October 29, 2009: This  was the first caregiver conference held in the Boston area, hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital FTD Unit and the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration.  Topics included genetics, communication in PPA/FTD, managing difficult behaviors, and managing caregiving.  More information about this and future conferences can be obtained by emailing ftd.boston@gmail.com. A copy of the conference agenda can be found here.

New York City Area FTD Consortium, New York, New York – November 20, 2009: The Consortium is a group of nine medical centers whose goal is to improve the diagnosis and clinical care for FTD and related diseases, as well as to promote clinical and laboratory research on FTD. This day-long conference featured general sessions on genetics, medical management and dealing with FTD behavior, as well as breakout sessions on various aspects of care management. 

2007 Conferences

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn – June 22, 2007: The second bi-annual FTD Caregiver Conference at Penn drew over 230 caregivers interested in hearing the most current information on diagnosis, care and treatment of frontemporal degeneration.  John Trojanowski, MD, University of Pennsylvania delivered an optimistic review of progress in research that will advance work on new drugs and treatments.

2005 Conferences

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn – November 11, 2005: More than 200 caregivers and 40 health professionals from across the U.S., Canada and Scotland attended the first FTD Caregiver Conference at Penn.  Topics presented during the conference addressed the broad array of medical, care management and legal and financial issues FTD caregivers face daily.  Dr. Dan Gottlieb, a family therapist and media personality was the keynote speaker.