Educational Webinar Series

AFTD’s Educational Webinar Series brings experts to you to address issues important to all whose lives are impacted by FTD. The experts we invite to host these webinars represent both the clinical and care sides of FTD.

Stimulating the Brain to Preserve the Mind — Originally presented on 11/30/17

Dr. Roy Hamilton describes two types of noninvasive brain-stimulation technologies — transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) — and addresses their potential role in the assessment and treatment of FTD disorders. Dr. Roy Hamilton is an Associate Professor in the departments of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also directs the Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation.

Watch the webinar here.



The FTD Disorders Registry and How It Can Advance Research — Originally presented on 8/24/2017

Dr. Dianna Wheaton explains the mission and objectives of the FTD Disorders Registry, a unique patient registry that gives researchers an unprecedented look at FTD as it is actually experienced by caregivers, family members and persons diagnosed. Dr. Wheaton, M.S., Ph.D., is the director of the FTD Disorders Registry and has more than 20 years of clinical science research experience within biochemistry and genetics.

Watch the webinar here.




bvFTD Subtypes: Divergent Anatomy, Divergent Behavior — Originally presented on 5/25/2017

Presented by Dr. Katherine Rankin, the third installment in the AFTD educational webinar series explores how researchers have identified specific patterns of nerve cell loss that lead to four distinct sub-types of bvFTD. This webinar can help individuals, families and healthcare professionals better understand how people with a bvFTD diagnosis can present so differently; it also suggests new perspectives on managing FTD.

Watch the webinar here.


A Care Paradigm for Persons with FTD — Originally presented on 1/12/2017

Presented by Dr. Alvin Holm, the second installment in the AFTD educational webinar explored how FTD treatment benefits from an integrated and comprehensive approach. Learn how symptom-specific therapies, wellness management and environmental support can help caregivers manage FTD care more effectively. Alvin Holm, M.D., FACP, is Founder and Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders Program at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has more than 25 years of experience in adult medicine and neuropsychiatry.

Watch the webinar here.

The Journey to an FTD Diagnosis — Originally presented on 10/20/2016

The first installment of AFTD’s educational webinar series explores cases of patients with varying ages and backgrounds, to help you better understand how doctors arrive at an FTD diagnosis. Bradley Boeve, MD, Chair of Behavioral Neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and AFTD Medical Advisory Council member was the presenting speaker. His clinical and research interests include neurodegenerative disorders that cause cognitive impairment/dementia.

Watch the webinar here.