New Short Film Gives Firsthand Perspective of the FTD Journey

VJ & Chuck, a powerful new short film by Joseph Becker and ThinkFilm, Inc., captures FTD’s impact from the perspective of the person diagnosed. The film focuses on VJ and Chuck Anastasia, a married couple living in Rhode Island. In 2013, VJ was diagnosed with FTD, a form of dementia that primarily affects movement, behavior, personality and language. The changes brought on by FTD have forced VJ and Chuck to restructure their entire lives. But through good days and bad, they are able to draw strength from their decades-long bond.


Donald Newhouse Honors His Late Brother in Interview

Donald Newhouse, president of Advance Publications, spoke about both his late brother, Si, as well as his wife, Susan, during an interview on October 23. Both Si and Susan had primary progressive aphasia; Si died in October 2017 and Susan passed away in 2015. During the segment, Mr. Newhouse talks about the work that AFTD does in funding FTD research and increasing awareness. Click here to watch the full segment, which also features reminiscences of Si from Tina Brown, Robert Gottlieb and David Remnick, all of whom worked for him at the New Yorker. (Fast forward to 25:30 to hear Mr. Newhouse talk about Susan’s and Si’s FTD.)

$20 Million David Geffen Fund Gift Announced at AFTD Benefit

At AFTD’s 2017 Hope Rising Benefit in New York City on October 12, AFTD CEO Susan L-J Dickinson announced that the organization had received a major gift in honor of the late Si Newhouse: The David Geffen Foundation has now established the David Geffen Fund at AFTD. Contributions to this Fund will provide a total of $20 million over the next ten years to sustain and deepen AFTD’s work to end FTD. Click here for more information.

Help Save the Brain: T-Shirt Campaign

An AFTD grassroots events volunteer has created custom shirts (as pictured below) that are available for a limited time, with all proceeds to benefit AFTD. The independent fundraiser, “The Brain: Wear It To Remember!” aims to spread awareness, raise funds and get people to #ThinkFTD. The shirts are available in multiple sizes, colors and types (t-shirt, long sleeve and sweatshirt). Click here to shop, sales close on October 31st.

FTD’s Economic Burden Is Twice That of Alzheimer’s, Study Shows

The average annual costs associated with FTD is nearly $120,000, nearly twice the costs of Alzheimer’s, according to a study published on the website of the scientific journal Neurology on October 4. The study gathered survey data from more than 670 FTD caregivers; Dr. James E. Galvin of Florida Atlantic University and Dr. David H. Howard of Emory University joined AFTD staff in designing the survey and analyzing the data. The study is the first published in the U.S. to focus solely on the economic burden of FTD. Click here for more information.