FTD/PPA Caregiver Support Groups

Local Support Groups

AFTD facilitates a network of caregiver support groups that focus on the needs of people caring for someone with FTD.  Groups may be sponsored by medical centers that serve people with FTD, Alzheimer’s Association chapters or other community organizations, or friends and family who volunteer as facilitators.   

Check our map and Regional Resources page for the FTD support groups meeting in your state or region.  If there is no group in your area, and think you may be the right person to change that, let us know.  We’d love to help! 

AFTD Telephone Groups

The number of local support groups is growing, but still doesn’t begin to meet the need.  AFTD sponsors several telephone support groups for caregivers who otherwise would not be able to access support. 

The small groups meet monthly via a toll-free conference call that is organized by an experienced AFTD facilitator.  The calls transcend geographic limitations, but bring together people with common caregiving challenges. 

Currently phone support groups are running for people who face primarily behavioral symptoms, language symptoms, are parents caring for a spouse with FTD and have school age children at home, or have recently lost a loved one.   For more information about one of the phone support groups contact info@theaftd.org.