Comstock Respite & Travel Grants

Respite Grants

We know how difficult it can be for caregivers to meet their own needs while caring for a loved one at home. Comstock Respite Grants help full-time, unpaid caregivers arrange short-term daytime or overnight care for loved ones diagnosed with FTD.  Caregivers decide how to best use the funds based on their situation and needs.

The maximum annual grant is $500.  There are few requirements other than having a loved one who has a documented diagnosis of FTD. Materials to apply for a respite grant can be downloaded here. People who received a grant in previous years are welcome to apply again.

Travel Grants
AFTD offers modest financial assistance for people with FTD and caregivers interested in attending an FTD education conference. Comstock Travel Grants may be used to defray the cost of travel, lodging, and conference fees  in order to attend. For more information see the application materials.