My Experience – In Images


This page features artwork, photography and other visual expressions created by people diagnosed with one of the  frontotemporal degeneration disorders.  They are shared by the artists to improve awareness and understanding and should not be copied or used without the permission of the artist.  For more information contact


My Tangled Brain
by Max McCormick

Here is a drawing I did awhile ago that I call “My Tangled Brain”. This style is called zentangle and drawing this way is called tangling, which I thought was a good way to represent the tangled protein in my brain. Sometimes I feel like my brain is unraveling, so some of this drawing shows that.


















Sensory Overload
by Max McCormick

I just finished a painting that expresses how I feel when I get overwhelmed. Noise, lights, and crowds overwhelm me. Solitude is the only thing that calms my mind.  – July 2014