Join us at AFTD’s 2017 Education Conference on Friday, May 5th in Baltimore. Get the latest information from expert scientists and clinicians, connect with others and take in new breakouts for caregivers and persons diagnosed. Register here; hotel availability is going fast, so be sure to book lodging soon!
AFTD is proud to announce the launch of the FTD Disorders Registry. If you, a loved one or a friend has been diagnosed with FTD, we want to hear your story. Joining the FTD Disorders Registry will help advance the science of FTD research — the information you provide will guide further research into earlier diagnosis, therapies and ultimately a cure. Visit FTDRegistry.org to tell your story today.
The second installment in AFTD’s educational webinar series was presented by Dr. Alvin Holm, founder and director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders Program at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Dr. Holm discusses how symptom-specific therapies, wellness management and environmental support can help caregivers manage FTD care more effectively. Watch here.