Gifts of Stock

Donating stock is perhaps the most cost-effective asset to use in making a charitable gift.  When you transfer ownership of long-term holdings to AFTD, you receive a charitable deduction for their full market value—and you incur no capital gains tax (subject to IRS deduction limits).

Because electronic transfers are made without identifying the donor, please alert AFTD in advance about the stock and number of shares you plan to give.  You can do so by e-mailing or calling AFTD at 267.514.7221.

According to IRS regulations, the date of your gift corresponds to the date it arrives in our possessions (for transfer from brokerage account to brokerage account).

Following is the information you will need to make a stock transfer to AFTD.

Broker: Cetera Investment Services
Account name: The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD)
DTC number:  0701
Account number: 8AL00030
Tax ID Number: 41-2073220

Click here to download the stock donation form.