Take Action and Get Involved Today!

“My involvement with AFTD has been a very important part of my life.  It helped me to heal as I contributed what I could to help others.” — Louise O’Connor, former AFTD Board Member

You can join a network of volunteers throughout the US making a positive impact in the world of FTD. AFTD needs the time and talents of volunteers everywhere to help bring FTD to the forefront.

Some of our current volunteer opportunities include:

    • Facility Outreach Volunteer: conduct outreach visits to residential facilities to provide FTD information and AFTD resources
    • AFTD Telephone Support Group Facilitator: leaders are needed in Mountain and Pacific time zones
    • Community Awareness Representative: represent AFTD at community events, health fairs, etc., by sharing AFTD materials at an information table
    • Proofreader: review, check for errors and mark corrections on AFTD materials for distribution
    • Media Outreach Volunteer: initiate contact with media outlets; utilize AFTD media guide for step by step instructions

Together, we will explore these and other projects to determine what best suits your skills, preferences and availability. You will be provided with guidance and support to ensure that you have a satisfying and rewarding experience that will meet your individual goals and also make a positive impact on behalf of AFTD.

If you are ready to take action and learn more about how you can help make a difference, please take a moment to complete the volunteer information form below and we will be in touch soon!

Electronic Volunteer Form (to be completed electronically and emailed to Kerri Barthel – kbarthel@theaftd.org)
Downloadable Volunteer Form (to be downloaded, completed manually and mailed to Kerri Barthel at AFTD’s address below)

Radnor Station Building #2
290 King of Prussia Rd., Suite 320
Radnor, PA  19087

Should you have questions or want to learn more about the volunteer program, feel free to contact your regional coordinator volunteer or Kerri Barthel, volunteer manager, at 267-514-7221 ext. 2535 / kbarthel@theaftd.org.

Thank you for your interest. It is through volunteers everywhere, that we are able to drive the mission and vision of the organization forward.

Give a Hand for the Helping Hands

by Rachael Baffa

Advancing AFTD’s mission requires the engagement of a growing number of wonderful volunteers across the United States. Based on individual interest, skill and availability, AFTD works diligently to match each volunteer with the work that needs to be done.

Mary Black with Daniel

Mary Black with Daniel

One of our many valued volunteers is Mary Black. Mary, currently residing in Philadelphia, lost her husband, Bernie (64), to FTD in 2012. She recalls that she was first introduced to AFTD as she struggled with the knowledge that Bernie’s illness was growing progressively worse, and that keeping him at home was becoming less and less of an option. “I would call the AFTD Helpline, mainly to ask questions about nursing home placement,” Mary recalled. Mary’s journey with FTD was difficult on its own, but adding the stress of finding placement made it even harder.  “It took two years. I did finally manage to get Bernie into a stellar facility that took Medicaid. I wrote them several letters, and never gave up hope, even after being rejected three different times,” stated Mary.

Because Mary encountered such resistance from the nursing homes, she is now volunteering in AFTD’s  facility outreach program, which strives to educate staff at facilities about FTD. “Some facilities don’t accept anyone under 65,” Mary said. “I want to advocate for nursing homes to be open to taking these much younger clients.”  Mary also  provides office support when there are special projects and plans to represent AFTD as a community awareness representative at the upcoming Brain Health Fair in Philadelphia.

Working closely with Mary, Kerri Barthel, volunteer manager, explains that “Mary is always flexible and willing to make herself available to help. She is truly dedicated to advancing the mission of AFTD.”

Mary’s experience with FTD has been “a soul stretching journey. Watching it take over someone you love requires reserves of courage that you didn’t know you had, but somehow, that courage will be there when you need it.”

Rachel Baffa, whose father is affected with FTD, is a volunteer writer for AFTD.


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