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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give back a bit. AFTD has been a great oasis for me in the wake of this disease. Thank you for being a part of our world.” – Marianne Warley, AFTD volunteer

You can join a network of volunteers throughout the US making a positive impact in the world of FTD. AFTD needs the time and talents of volunteers everywhere to help bring FTD to the forefront.

Some of our current volunteer opportunities include:

  • Orientation Coordinator Volunteer:  provide single point of contact for volunteers needing orientation and coordinate the process.
  • Facility Outreach Volunteer: conduct outreach visits to residential facilities to provide FTD information and AFTD resources
  • AFTD Telephone Support Group Facilitator: leaders are needed in Mountain and Pacific time zones
  • Community Awareness Representative: represent AFTD at community events, health fairs, etc., by sharing AFTD materials at an information table
  • Proofreader: review, check for errors and mark corrections on AFTD materials for distribution

Together, we will explore these and other projects to determine what best suits your skills, preferences and availability. You will be provided with guidance and support to ensure that you have a satisfying and rewarding experience that will meet your individual goals and also make a positive impact on behalf of AFTD.

If you are ready to take action and learn more about how you can help make a difference, please take a moment to complete the volunteer information form below and we will be in touch soon!

Electronic Volunteer Form (to be completed electronically and emailed to Kerri Barthel – [email protected])
Downloadable Volunteer Form (to be downloaded, completed manually and mailed to Kerri Barthel at AFTD’s address below)

Radnor Station Building #2
290 King of Prussia Rd., Suite 320
Radnor, PA  19087

Should you have questions or want to learn more about the volunteer program, feel free to contact your regional coordinator volunteer or Kerri Barthel, volunteer manager, at 267-514-7221 ext. 2535 / [email protected].

Thank you for your interest. It is through volunteers everywhere, that we are able to drive the mission and vision of the organization forward.


Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands!

By Kathy Urban, AFTD Volunteer


David and his mother, Jean

David and his mother, Jean

Information technology employs the quiet masterminds of businesses and organizations, although they often go unnoticed.  These highly skilled professionals are invaluable to their organizations since they bring numerous, highly specialized skills and knowledge to the table.

David Driggers began volunteering with the AFTD in July 2014 and has been able to successfully combine his passion and expertise.   David is contributing to AFTD’s mission with his skills and drive for searching for hard to find medical information, using his technology experience in the fields of health and science.  Years ago, David was diagnosed with a rare disease called Spasmodic Dysphonia, a neurological voice disorder.  He turned this diagnosis into his livelihood by starting a medical information retrieval business, in which he would help his clients by customizing in-depth research reports for their medical conditions.  He specialized in rare diseases and chronic disorders.

David currently works with AFTD’s Scientific Director, Nadine Tatton, to track the results of the AFTD funded Pilot Grants that date back to 2005.  His work is so complex, it’s best explained in his own words,  “I have been capturing awardee outcomes such as the number of FTD focused publications that came as a result of AFTD’s direct funding, follow-on funding from the NIH [National Institutes of Health] or other agencies, grant data presented at meetings, FTD consortia collaborations, and patent applications.”  David uses databases such as PubMed, ClinicalTrials.gov and the NIH RePORTER to collect information that will be entered into AFTD’s customer relationship management database.

David’s mother lost her battle with FTD in 2010.  “We laughed and cried throughout the crazy and unpredictable behaviors the disease brought,” David says.  “We were blessed that she retained her loving nature throughout the course of the disease and recognized family until her passing.”  David’s mother donated her brain for research to the Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville, FL), revealing that a strong belief in the power of research definitely runs in the family.

By lending his expertise to the AFTD’s need for specialized data mining, David has been a tremendous asset to the AFTD’s mission. Everyone brings unique talents as volunteers, and the opportunities are limitless.


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