AFTD’s Food for Thought


Food for Thought (FFT) is a grassroots campaign held during the first week of October (5-12) to educate people about FTD, while raising money to help fight the disease. It involves AFTD supporters from every state hosting events to start a public dialogue about this little known, life-altering disease. Event hosts can plan and organize any type of event as long as food is included.

We’re trying to recruit a minimum of one person in every state to host a Food for Thought event. In 2013, the campaign raised approximately $50,000 with events in 25 states and 5 Canadian provinces.  Click here for the state that held the most number of events in 2013!

As a little incentive, we’re throwing out a challenge: the state that hosts the most events in October will win big, with a special page for an entire year on the AFTD website, profiling the state’s Food for Thought events…not to mention bragging rights until next October!

Don’t sit this one out…FFT is a great opportunity to make a REAL difference and focus national attention on FTD! Anyone can host an event, by throwing a dinner, happy hour, bake sale, or similar type of get-together that involves food.

FFT Youth Ambassadors

This year, AFTD is proud to have two Food for Thought youth ambassadors, Kennedy Ho and Olivia Goldring.

Their goal is to encourage other young people to step up and help raise awareness among classmates and friends. Check out their event ideasget suggestions from parents or teachers,or come up with your own idea.

Ready, Set, Join!

So…are you hungry enough to take a bite out of FTD? Ready to join people from Maine to California who will share food while educating others (including the local media) about FTD? If so, we want to hear from you – fill out the FFT Contact Form, check out the Food for Thought Toolkit  and review a list of sample events and frequently asked questions to help you get started. Contact AFTD’s grassroots events coordinator, Liz Neal at or (267) 514-7221 with any questions.

Good luck!


Kennedy Ho, 16 years old

Olivia graduation

Olivia Goldring, 17 years old