National Volunteer Week (April 6-April 13)

THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to volunteer and make a difference in the world of FTD! Your contributions have played a key part in our ever-growing success. AFTD has a much broader reach because of our dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic volunteers. We are able to accomplish so much more thanks to each of you sharing your time and talents with us.

On behalf of everyone at AFTD, thank you for volunteering with AFTD!

Susan Dickinson, Executive Director

AFTD Staff

AFTD Staff

Give a Hand for the Helping Hands

Brianna Sullivan: AFTD Volunteer

Across the United States and Canada, there are volunteers for AFTD that share common and persistent goals of raising awareness, gaining understanding, and supporting the fight against frontotemporal degeneration. AFTD genuinely values our volunteers and their involvement and dedication to help people affected by FTD. A reliable and responsive intern, Brianna Sullivan, works remotely from Boston, where she analyzes data from the AFTD HelpLine to obtain a better understanding of who is contacting AFTD and for what reason they are getting in touch with the association.

Pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Health at Boston University, Brianna originally planned on working with organizations that provided mental health and social support to low-income mothers suffering from anxiety and depression. However, in 2010, Brianna became all too familiar with FTD when her father was diagnosed.

Brianna Sullivan

Brianna Sullivan

“Processing his diagnosis and dealing with all of the challenges of having a father with FTD was hard enough,” stated Brianna. But when complications arose and her father suddenly passed away, Brianna recalls losing all sense of drive, motivation and inspiration. Brianna also remembers feeling a strong sense of isolation because the diagnosis is so rare.While trying to get her life back on track last summer, Brianna  “stumbled upon the volunteer form on the AFTD website,” just as the association was rolling out their first official graduate-level internship program.  Some people believe in the saying “perfect timing,” and for Brianna—and AFTD—the timing couldn’t have been better.

“Information from a regular volunteer form leads us to projects that are wonderfully, mutually beneficial,” said Sharon Denny, Program Manager. Brianna’s evaluation of the HelpLine allows AFTD to learn more about the service and the needs of the FTD community via the retrieved data.

As the FTD population grows, so does the need for innovative volunteers that are as intellectually curious as Brianna.  Brianna believes that “compassion for people and families affected by FTD and some free time – even if just a few hours a week – are really valuable assets in and of themselves.”

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You can join a network of volunteers in the US and Canada making a positive impact in the world of FTD. AFTD needs the time and talents of volunteers everywhere to help bring FTD to the forefront.

Some of our current 2014 volunteer opportunities include:

    • Facility Outreach Volunteer: conduct outreach visits to residential facilities to provide FTD information and AFTD resources
    • AFTD Telephone Support Group Facilitator: leaders are needed in Mountain and Pacific time zones
    • Food for Thought Liaison: primary support person to hosts who are planning and organizing a Food for Thought event for October 2014
    • Community Awareness Representative: represent AFTD at community events, health fairs, etc., by sharing AFTD materials at an information table
    • Proofreader: review, check for errors and mark corrections on AFTD materials for distribution
    • Run/Walk Liaison: lead an effort to organize an AFTD team for a local run/walk event
    • PowerPoint Guru Volunteer: assist in the development of engaging PowerPoint presentation slides

Together, we will explore these and other projects to determine what best suits your skills, preferences and availability. You will be provided with guidance and support to ensure that you have a satisfying and rewarding experience that will meet your individual goals and also make a positive impact on behalf of AFTD.

If you are ready to take action and learn more about how you can help make a difference, please take a moment to complete the following volunteer information form.

Electronic Volunteer Form (to be completed electronically and emailed to Kerri Barthel – kbarthel@theaftd.org)
Downloadable Volunteer Form (to be downloaded, completed manually and mailed to Kerri at AFTD’s address below)

Send your completed application to the postal address below or email it to Kerri Barthel, volunteer manager, at kbarthel@theaftd.org and we’ll be in touch soon!

Should you have questions or want to learn more about the volunteer program, feel free to contact Kerri at 267-514-7221 ext. 2535 or kbarthel@theaftd.org.

Thank you for your interest. It is through volunteers everywhere, that we are able to drive the mission and vision of the organization forward.

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