AFTD’s Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a grassroots fundraising and awareness-raising campaign designed to rally as many supporters of AFTD as possible during the first week of October (September 29 – October 6) across the U.S. and Canada.  In 2013, the campaign raised approximately $50,000 with events in 25 states and 5 Canadian provinces.  Click here for the state that held the most number of events in 2013!

Many thanks to the following 2013 Food for Thought event hosts who made this first-year campaign a great success!

Gail Andersen Manjinder Gill Heather Miller
Deanna Angello Margie Gonzalez Linda  Nee
Michael Audia Jamie Gordon Shana Nissen
Dorian Bannister Patrick Gutierrez Louise O’Connor
Katie Brandt Abby  Harris Val Pierce
Tiffany Brooks Beth Henricks Lori Pile
Kim Caldwell Hillarie Higgins Nancy Powers
Lucy  Carter Gwen  Howard Tanya Rand
Juliana Correa Jackie  Hyland Meghan Roscoe
Beverley DeRusha Helen Jevnikar Bonnie Shepherd
Amber Dietz Cheryl Johnson Robert Stitt
Deborah Dolan Dan Kaufer Eugenia Thornton
Pat Donihee Angela Kimble Lucie Trepanier
Amy Eissler Kelley Klein Brandee Waite
Susan Eissler Jary Larsen Terry Walter
Debbie Fenoglio Emily  Levy Colin Whitmarsh
Steve Fenoglio Ashley Linsmeier Ryan Windhorst
Ed Fitzgerald Jacob Malsam Sally Winter
Tracy Foye