louiseoconnor-31“I was asked so often ‘What is FTD?’ that I wanted the whole world to know. I encourage volunteers to help raise the profile of this disorder from coast to coast in Canada and the US ,” Louise O’Connor, Ottawa Canada.

Accomplishing AFTD’s Mission requires advocacy – speaking out about patients’ and families’ needs, hopes and successes.

Add your voice to our campaign to educate others about FTD, improve policies and resources for patients and families, and intensify research and development for treatments and a cure.

Join the Grassroots Advocacy Network

Powerful movements are built on grassroots outreach. Your personal contacts, letters and stories fuel the momentum. AFTD is connecting a network of people across the US and Canada who will take action to change the future of FTD.

Caregivers, medical professionals, public officials, and community service providers and friend – - we need everyone to join the network!

Current Initiatives

Use the links at the right for more information about AFTD’s new and on-going efforts to advocate to federal policy makers.

Tools and Resources

You’re not alone in your advocacy efforts. AFTD will provide you with ideas, materials and tools to make it easy. Watch this section for how to find your elected representatives, sample letters, tips and information that will help you to make your voice heard.

Use the links at the right for more information about these opportunities.