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AFTD is grateful for the strength and determination of our community. Our mission is gaining momentum thanks to your passionate commitment to ending FTD. We wish your family peace and joy during this holiday season.
It’s all too rare that we have the opportunity to hear the story of FTD from the perspective of persons diagnosed. That’s why we are so proud to bring you Joe Becker’s powerful new film. VJ & Chuck draws directly on the experiences of people living with FTD, including VJ Anastasia, Teresa Webb (who provides the voiceover), and many others within our community. We hope you’ll share this video widely, to help bring greater awareness of FTD.
The average annual cost of FTD is nearly $120,000 — twice the cost of Alzheimer’s. Read more in the first-ever study published in the U.S. to focus solely on FTD’s economic and social burden. Click here to read the study, co-written by AFTD and published in Neurology. Then download talking points and an infographic to help you share highlights of our findings.