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Did you know that researchers can identify certain FTD subtypes by examining specific patterns of nerve cell loss? In the newest installment of the AFTD Educational Webinar Series — featured in the June 2017 issue of The Gateway — Dr. Katherine Rankin explores these subtypes and suggests some new perspectives on managing FTD. Read the full June 2017 issue of The Gateway here.
AFTD is proud to announce the launch of the FTD Disorders Registry. If you, a loved one or a friend has been diagnosed with FTD, we want to hear your story. Joining the FTD Disorders Registry will help advance the science of FTD research — the information you provide will guide further research into earlier diagnosis, therapies and ultimately a cure. Visit to tell your story today.
In the Spring 2017 issue of the AFTD Newsletter, caregiver Jennifer Morabito describes how AFTD’s Food For Thought campaign helped her find solace during the difficult times of caring for her mother, who has FTD. Other articles focus on the latest AFTD news and scientific advancements in FTD. Click here to read the latest issue of the AFTD Newsletter.