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   FTD: the most common dementia for people under age 60.


The second installment in AFTD’s educational webinar series is now available, presented by Dr. Alvin Holm, founder and director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders Program at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Dr. Holm discusses how symptom-specific therapies, wellness management and environmental support can help caregivers manage FTD care more effectively. Watch the webinar here.
 AFTD’s With Love campaign provides an opportunity to honor or remember a loved one affected by FTD. Inspired by Valentine’s Day, this campaign brings the force of love to fight FTD throughout February. Sign up is underway – just create a fundraiser on AFTD’s new social engagement platform and share your story of love with family, friends and colleagues. Questions? Email Bridget Graham, AFTD’s Grassroots Events Coordinator, for help getting started:
ARTFL (Advancing Research and Treatment for Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration), a major NIH-funded natural history study of FTD, is seeking participation from individuals diagnosed with FTD and their family members. There are 15 ARTFL sites across the US and Canada, and each is an expert center for the diagnosis and treatment of FTD. To find an ARTFL site near you and learn about opportunities to participate, email or call (415) 476-7777 today.