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AFTD’s Partners in FTD Care

   FTD: the most common dementia for people under age 60.

The second annual World FTD Awareness Week took place from Sept. 25 through Oct. 2. Read more about how people across the world who have had their lives touched by FTD marked the occasion, and be sure to send us your own pictures and stories from this special week.
With support from a generous donor, two full page ads designed by volunteer Jody Zorn appeared in the New York Times this past week! The ads ran Sunday, September 25th and Sunday, October 2nd. Find PDFs of both ads to print and share here: theaftd.org/learnmore.
AFTD is a charity partner of upcoming Philadelphia Marathon, and we still have a limited supply of marathon, half marathon and 8K bibs that we want to give to you for free (saving you up to $140)! For more details and to reserve your bib, fill out this form today: http://bit.ly/2aevvAV. Join committed and passionate AFTD-Team runners as we bring greater FTD awareness here in Philadelphia.