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disease_research FTD is one of the new rare disease clinical research networks created this year through NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). The FTLD Clinical Research Consortium is led by Drs. Adam Boxer and Howard Rosen, UCSF. This NCATS program is designed to advance medical research by facilitating collaboration, study enrollment and data sharing. Click here to read the press release from NIH.
 FfTlogo Thank You! AFTD sincerely thanks everyone who hosted or attended an event, made a donation or spread the word about FTD during FTD awareness week. With your help, we are one step closer to a world where frontotemporal degeneration is understood, effectively diagnosed, treated, cured and ultimately prevented.
san-diego-bay See you in San Diego! AFTD’s 2015 Education Conference will be held in San Diego on April 24th. Check back soon for more details. Registration will begin in January.