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2nd Annual Leadership Summit AFTD’s Summer 2015 newsletter shares updates about new FTD research, trials and studies; information on the upcoming World FTD Awareness Week and national Food for Thought grassroots campaign, and the latest on AFTD’s staff, Board, and volunteer activities.
Help Bring ATFD’s Food for Thought to all 50 States – Join us as we prepare for FTD World Awareness Week (October 4-11) by hosting a local Food for Thought event and putting your state on the map! To join us, access the Food for Thought event signup page.
Partners in FTD Care – In this issue, AFTD focuses on PSP education materials. Learn useful information about how to handle challenges resulting from loss of balance and dysphagia. The included What to Do About feature offers concise tips on PSP for health professionals and caregivers alike.