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If FTD is in your life, you can’t go without AFTD.” Elaine Rose relied on AFTD as a source of support, information and community after her husband’s diagnosis. AFTD works every day to be a source of help and hope for all affected by this disease. As 2017 winds down, will you consider making a tax-deductible donation to AFTD?
Check out the latest AFTD Newsletter, now available online. Read stories about AFTD community members Doreen Putnam and Charles Elligson, and how their personal encounters with FTD have impacted their work as volunteers. Other stories focus on the latest in FTD research as well as AFTD fundraising efforts.
Learn more about the AFTD HelpLine, a new clinical trial by Biogen, how therapy dogs can enrich the lives of persons diagnosed and caregivers alike and more in our latest issue of The Gateway.