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Partners in FTD Care – In this issue, AFTD focuses on PSP education materials. Learn useful information about how to handle challenges resulting from loss of balance and dysphagia. The included What to Do About feature offers concise tips on PSP for health professionals and caregivers alike.
Tinsley_FFT Plan an Event That Suits Your Style – The first ever World FTD Awareness Week, October 4-11, 2015, is fast approaching! One great way to take part is by hosting a Food for Thought event. Hosting an event requires only two things: food and some form of FTD education. Need inspiration? Click here!
sharing Dad Got Dementia When He Wasn’t Old – A young adult whose father had FTD shares her experience and insight. AFTD welcomes submissions of poems, blogs and formally published stories for Sharing Our Stories, an online collection of first-person accounts of diagnosed persons, caregivers and other family members confronting FTD.